Visit The Only Dedicated Drone Store in the UK

Visit The Only Dedicated Drone Store in the UK

Visit The Only Dedicated Drone Store in the UK

Drone Safe Store is one of, if not the only dedicated drone store in the UK. Why is this a good thing you might ask? This means that we are drone specialists and can give quality advice to our customers. Other companies that also sell drones like well-known retail giants, probably won’t have as good knowledge of drones as we do as they also sell other items like fridges. It would be quite difficult for them to know everything about every product they sell. At Drone Safe Store everyone knows about every single product we sell in extreme detail.

What is so special about our customer service?

Here at Drone Safe Store, we focus on giving our customers the best experience when buying a drone and after buying a drone. We will always help people when looking for a drone, whether that would be a starter DJI Tello or an enterprise DJI Matrice 30

After you buy from Drone Safe Store we will always try and answer any questions about anything you bought us. It doesn’t matter if you bought from us a year ago or a day ago, we will give you the same service. Our after-sale service is part of the reason we have 145, 5-star reviews on Google.

Education on drone laws

When buying from Drone Safe Store we will always let you know what you need to do so that you are safe and legal when flying your drone. To operate a drone that is under 250g you only need an Operator ID, if the drone is over this weight you will need a Flyer ID. Most people will just get both at the same time. 

With your Operator ID, you need to put it on your drone. You can request them when buying a drone with us

If you are operating your drone for anything other than for fun you will need to have drone insurance. We recommend using Coverdrone for drone insurance.

We don’t try to sell you stuff you don’t want

We will never try and sell you something you ultimately don’t want. Drones can cost from as little as £99 to as much as £11,000+ and that’s exactly why we don’t try and sell you the most expensive stuff we sell. Even though we don’t make as much money as we potentially could, we would much rather our customers be happy with what they buy.

We’re always here to help

Drone Safe Store Employees are always answering all Live Chats or emails that come in 24/7. For example, if you were to go and use your Mini 2 and you run into an issue we will help you resolve your issue.

Every product you see on our site we have in stock in our UK warehouse. Everything we sell will be for next working day delivery.