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STARTRC Drone Accessories & Parts

With more than 200 patents, STARTRC is a manufacturer of drone accessories with a focus on creating parts and accessories for drones. Its R&D capabilities are strong. The market is led by multiple product lines initially. The earliest company to produce concept products for aircraft model chargers and butlers.

A group of design, development, production, and sales integration companies, Shenzhen STARTRC Technology Co., LTD is focused on creating accessories for RC drones and action cameras. Since 2012, the company has been in the RC drone business and is registered under the "STARTRC" brand in China, Europe, America, and Japan. Numerous items are selected as "Amazon's Choice," or best sellers, on various local Amazon retailers.

We have extensive experience working with OEM or ODM orders and have collaborated with several renowned aerial photography brands from various regions. We are dedicated to giving customers premium products at affordable costs along with excellent customer service, and we never stop working to design or develop new, valuable products for them.