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DJI Inspire 3

The Inspire 3 is the best camera for shooting from above. This drone was made for professionals and has the best image quality, most advanced flight controls, and the strongest safety features on the market. Because it has a high-end camera system and can do many things, the Inspire 3 is great for difficult filming projects, commercial shoots, and places where safety is important.

Rental DJI Mavic 3 Pro (1 Week)
Rental DJI Mavic 3 Pro (1 Week)

DJI Mavic 3 Pro

The Mavic 3 Pro is portable and performs like a professional drone. This drone can do a lot of different things and is great for both amateurs and professionals who need high-quality images in a small package. The Mavic 3 Pro easily takes beautiful pictures thanks to its advanced camera system and smart flight modes.

How to Rent

Choose Your Drone: Select the Inspire 3 or Mavic 3 Pro based on your project needs.

Check Availability: Contact us to confirm the drone’s availability for your desired rental period.

Reserve Your Drone: Complete the rental agreement and make the payment to secure your booking.

Pick Up or Delivery: Choose to pick up your drone from our store or opt for delivery to your location.

Enjoy Your Flight: Use the drone for your project, and return it at the end of the rental period.