SkyRC Q200neo AC/DC charger

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SKU: SK-100197

Material Code: SK-100197

Brand: SkyRC

  • Charge up to 4 batteries simultaneously!
  • USB C port for phone/laptop charging
  • Advanced safety features

SkyRC Q200neo AC/DC charger

Four times as much power: incredibly strong and amazingly accurate!
With its four impressive charging ports, the SkyRC Q200neo charger offers a completely new way to charge RC enthusiasts' devices.
This high-tech powerhouse changes the meaning of convenience by letting four different types of batteries charge at the same time and providing power through two AC/DC inputs.
Up to 400W of power can be sent through each port, which is very impressive. With an 800mA balancing current per cell, it also speeds up the process of balancing the battery cells, which greatly improves the overall charging efficiency. The high-precision balancer that is built in makes sure that the device is very accurate, with a voltage equalisation optimisation of ±0.02V.


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