Flywoo FlyLens 75 2S Cinewhoop (DJI)

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Brand: Flywoo

  • Lightweight design
  • Quick-release battery compartment
  • Sub 250 grams
  • Works with DJI Remote Controller 2

Flywoo FlyLens 75 2S Cinewhoop (DJI)

Designed with extreme care to detail by the FLYWOO team, the Flywoo Flylens75 is the smallest DJI O3 drone currently available on the market. Additionally, this lightweight and portable drone is compatible with O3 image transmission and features a sturdy body that is constructed from a combination of carbon fibre and PC materials. The one-of-a-kind shock-absorbing gimbal design of this device makes it possible to record high-quality, non-jelly 4K video.

With a 405 BGA flight controller, a 1003 power motor, and 1609 four-blade propellers, the Flylens75 is a versatile drone that can be used for both steady indoor filming and dynamic outdoor flights. Not only does it weigh only 68g when combined with the O3 LITE version, but. 

The Flylens75 provides a flying experience that is both delicate and exceptional, thanks to the meticulous tuning that was performed by the FLYWOO team as well. It is the best option for individuals who are looking for the DJI O3 drone that is the smallest and lightest.



Please note that this quad does not come with a seperate reciever, this is only compatible with the DJI Remote Controller 2!


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