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A2CofC Online Training Just £129 From The Drone Safe Store 

Establish 2015, As seen on BBC's Dragons Den, Who is this course for and how much will it cost? 

This course is aimed at drone users who want to fly their C2 classed sub 4kg drone close to people. 
The certificate gained will allow the user to fly their drone within the Open Category - Sub Category A2 & A1 Transitional.
Potential aircraft, Mavic Series, Phantom Series & Autel EVO ii
Legacy Aircraft which are non C2 compliant will be limited to 2kg Maximum Take off Mass until 31/12/2022.

  • A2 CofC certificate awarded upon successfully passing theory exam.
  • Fly within the Open Category A2.
  • Fly in Open Category A1 (Sub 500g aircraft).
  • No CAA oversight.
  • No CAA application required.
  • Certificate Valid for 5 years.
  • Full online course.
  • Online remote exam.
  • Self assessed flying  (You must have completed self assessed flying)
  • No flight test required.
  • £129 including Vat 

Looking to use your A2CofC certificate commercially and wanting work opportunities? Drone Safe Register have now launched thier new Advanced Membership Plan. You can read all about it HERE

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