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90 Minute One-on-One Drone Flight Experience


Are you new to the Drone Industry, a passionate hobbyist or are you looking to improve your skills and knowledge? 


Thinking of getting an A2 CofC or Operational Authorisation (formerly known as a PfCO) but not sure where to start? This hands on Drone Flight Experience is ideal for you. 


Schedule a One-to-One, 90 minute training session with one of our Gold Certified Drone Operators today. 


All of our Gold Certified Drone Operators have CAA Operational Authorisation and are trained, safe and insured.


At Drone Safe Register, we are in the unique position to provide you with a local Drone Training experience. With over 500 Trained, Safe and Insured Drone Operators located across the UK, we can connect you with local, experienced operators.


Our training is a practical, hands-on experience to help you gain skills, develop understanding of the processes surrounding commercial operations and learn techniques to help you on your way to becoming a safe and confident drone operator.



What is included in our One-on-One Flight Training Experience?

Our experienced operator will cover

     · How the drone and transmitter work

     · Using the DJI Go App.

     · Pre flight checklists

     · Rules and regulations. 

     · The four phases of every flight; Pre-flight, Take-off, Flying and Landing 

     · Safe and effective flying techniques and 

     · Many tips and tricks for capturing great images and video.


If you have any other questions or you are looking for specified training in more focused areas, please let your operator know during your initial call.  


What you will need to bring with you -

     · Your Aircraft and Controller

     · Between 2-4 fully charged batteries.

     · Internet connected mobile device

     · Appropriate clothing and footwear. 

     · A face mask and other appropriate PPE.


What happens next?

Within 48 hours of your purchase, you will be contacted directly by one of our Gold Certified Drone Operators to schedule a mutually convenient time and location for your flight training. 


Training is weather permitting. Your training may need to be rescheduled due to adverse weather. Your training provider will contact you beforehand to reschedule.


Start your Drone Operating Experience today for just £149!

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  • One-on-One
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