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DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise


DJI's new series of enterprise drones, featuring two versions, the Mavic 3E and the Mavic 3T. This is an exciting way forward in the drone industry, the Mavic 3E being the best drone to start out with when beginning to operate commercially - featuring a 4/3-inch camera and mechanical shutter makes this drone game-changing.


If you're interested in getting into surveying as a drone operator, the Mavic 3E+RTK is the best we could advise, including timesync and RTK capability for accurate mapping.


The Mavic 3T is DJI's new thermal drone if you're looking to start out in it, even for professionals this drone will still be of use, an improvement from the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced meaning that if you're looking to upgrade your kit this wouldn't be a bad idea.

Portable Design

Due to both of these drones having a lightweight and foldable airframe, these drones can provide support for small units with individual tasks allowing flexibility wherever a drone is needed for its great use.

DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise Battery Kit

M3E Camera Specs


Wide: 4/3-inch CMOS, 20MP, 3.3-um pixels, mechanical shutter, with a focal length equivalent of 24mm

Telephoto: 1/2 inch CMOS, 12 MP, 56x Hybrid Zoom, and 162 mm equivalent focal length


M3T Camera Specs:


Wide: 1/2 inch CMOS, 48Mp, and a focal length equivalent of 24mm.

Tele: 56x Hybrid Zoom, 1/2 Inch CMOS 12MP, and 162mm Equivalent Focal Length

Thermal: DFOV of 61 degrees, 40mm equivalent focal length, and 640*512@30Hz


DJI Mavic 3 Enterprise-Wide Camera

The camera featuring a large pixel size allows an increase in daily operation time making working with the use of your drone is made easier and better.


With this also comes the mechanical shutter which will prevent a rolling shutter effect.


This wide camera produces smart, low light photos.


Mavic 3 Enterprise/Thermal Tele Camera

Both these spectacular drones are integrated with a 12MP tele camera, this is the reason 56x hybrid zoom is supported - great for long-distance inspections and scouting.


M3T Synchronised Split-screen Zoom - DJI's M3T supports up to 28x synchronised zoom between the visual cameras and the thermal cameras, this allows you to uniquely scale both images at the same time, doubling the efficiency and makes comparing details easier than ever.


Surveying Efficiency Improved


Flight Time - 42 Minutes (With RTK module)
Shutter Speed - 0.7 seconds
Max Speed - 15 Meters per second
Drone capable of capturing over 2 square kilometers in one single flight
Due to the new 100W charging hub you'll be able to use to charge your M3E/T batteries, it only takes up to 70 minutes to fully charge a single battery, 4 sets of batteries can fulfil a full day of flight operations.


O3 Enterprise Transmission


Technology that supports 4G Transmission by updating firmware.


A large transmission range of up to 9-15 kilometers with low interference and 1.5 to 3 kilometers worth of range when in an area with strong interference.


Enhanced Safety

Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing: Together, the drone's wide-angle vision sensors and high-performance vision computer engine can precisely detect barriers in all directions, and they will construct a safe flight route to ensure that everything is avoided. demonstrating your ability to put your trust in your drone's security.


Advanced RTH: You don't have to climb to a pre-set altitude first if you want to set the optimal route back to the home point, improving safety of the drone.


APAS 5.0: Enhanced with an advanced pilot assistance system, the aircraft can continually sense objects in all directions and avoid them smoothly and quickly.


Mavic 3T/E Professional Software


DJI Pilot 2 - Great for mission planning options, including: waypoint, mapping, oblique and linear.


DJI Terra - Import images taken by the drones camera to Terra for 2D/3D reconstruction. We don't recommend mapping with the M3T though as due to unreliable accuracy.


DJI FlightHub 2 - Great for live streaming, aircraft info, live 2D mapping, panorama and media upload and mission planning.


DJI Thermal Analysis tool 3.0 - Allowing you to create a report and manipulate the radiometric thermal data with the specific parameters following data capture.


Compared with the Mavic 3

The M3E supports mechanical shutter, Pilot 2, has 0.7s photo interval, RTK, SDK and internal parameter calibration. Best suited for surveying and inspection work.


The M3T integrates thermal sensor, supports RTK, SDK, and route planning Suitable for public safety and inspection scenarios.