What Drone Is The Best For A Beginner?

What Drone Is The Best For A Beginner?

What Drone is the best for a beginner?

First of all, it all depends on your budgeted price. Drones can be expensive, ranging from £99 for the Tello Powered by DJI which is our lowest price drone to £11,055 which is the DJI Matrice 30T Worry-Free Basic Combo. The most expensive drones we sell probably wouldn’t be the go-to choice for a beginner unless you have a lot of money to invest in your first drone.

What would Drone Safe Store recommend?

The team at Drone Safe Store believe that the DJI Mini 2 is the best starter drone for most people because it packs a punch for the price point and it weighs under 250g. The Mini 2 comes with a sensor that is capable of 4K/30fps video, 4x zoom and taking photos in a RAW format which makes this drone perfect for someone wanting to take pictures or videos. This camera paired with the 31 minutes of flight time and speeds of up to 39kph (About 24mph) means that the mini 2 is a very capable drone.

The DJI Mini 2 is also very easy to pilot. DJI makes these drones so easy that basically anyone can fly them. For example, when landing you just hold the sticks down and the mini 2 will land if it’s safe to. This can be useful if you aren’t that confident with a drone and it prevents you from damaging the drone. Another feature that makes the DJI Mini 2 very easy to fly is that if you let do of the controller sticks it will just hover in one place.

How much is the DJI Mini 2?

The DJI Mini 2 comes in 2 different ways. Standard and Fly More. The standard version of the DJI Mini 2 is £419.00 and includes the Mini 2 Drone, One intelligent Flight Battery, One pair of spare propellers, Type C Cable, 1 Gimbal Protector, RC Cable (Type C, Lightning and Micro USB), Spare Controller Sticks, 6 spare screws and a screwdriver.

The DJI Mini 2 Fly More costs £549.00 and comes with the DJI Mini 2 drone, remote control, 3 Intelligent Flight Batteries, 3 Spare Propellers, Type C Cables, 1 Gimbal Protector, RC Cable (Type C, Lightning and Micro USB), Spare Controller Sticks, 18 Spare Screws, 1 Screwdriver, 1 Propeller Holder, 1 Two Way charging Hub, 1 DJI 18W USB Charger and a shoulder bag.

Is the DJI Mini 2 out of your budget? The Mini SE is a great cheaper option at £269.00 but it obviously has fewer features. For example, the DJI Mini SE only has a camera that’s capable of 2.7K HD video compared to the 4K that the Mini 2 can do.

Why does it matter that a drone is under 250g?

A drone that is under 250g means that you only need an Operator ID to be able to fly it (Check your local laws if you aren’t based in the UK). By law, in the UK you need to put your operator ID on the drone. If you purchase with DSS we will

Register with the CAA