Can you use a tablet with a DJI Drone?

Can you use a tablet with a DJI Drone?

Why might you want to use a tablet?

A tablet attached to the RC N1 controller enables you to have a much bigger screen than the average smartphone. You may be asking yourself, why do I need a bigger screen? There are many answers to this question. First of all, you may just own a tablet and you want to make use of it by flying your drone with it and this is why many of our customers use a tablet. Another reason why you may use a tablet instead of a phone in the RC N1 controller is that your eyesight might not be the best and you need a bigger screen so that you can read and see everything. If this is the case and your eyesight isn’t amazing and you can’t see the drone you will need a spotter as you can’t operate a drone with just the camera’s view. Finally, you may just want a bigger screen to fly your drone with because you simply want a bigger screen.

How would you use a tablet with the DJI RC N1?

To use a tablet in the DJI tablet holder you will probably need a longer lead for your controller to the tablet. The original lead that you get with the RC N1 is only 13cm long and if you are trying to use anything bigger than a Galaxy Note phone you won’t be able to plug it in. The longer leads that we sell are 30cm long and will fit every tablet that fits in the tablet holder.

To fit every tablet we sell two different leads to suit every tablet:

DJI RC-N1 30cm Type-C to Lightning Cable For iPad/Tablet

DJI RC-N1 30CM Type-C to Type-C Cable For Tablet/iPad

These longer leads will still fit Stowe underneath the phone holder that is built into the RC N1 making it no harder to store the drone and controller.

What’s the biggest tablet you can use with the DJI RC-N1 Tablet Holder?

The DJI RC N1 can fit any tablet that’s up to about 7 and a half inches wide. This includes many of the most popular tablets on the market like the iPad Mini range or the Samsung Galaxy Tab S8. The biggest tablet we have seen fit in one of the tablet holders is the Apple iPad Air 10.9inch but we would recommend you measure your tablet before buying the DJI RC-N1 Tablet holder

What DJI Drones are compatible with the DJI RC N1?

The DJI RC N1 controller is used with the Air 2s, the Mavic 3, the Mini 2 and the Mavic Air 2. This means that if you buy any of these drones and you have a tablet that fits in the holder you can use a tablet with the holder.