Where Can I Test Fly Drones?

Where Can I Test Fly Drones?

Come to the official Drone Safe Store in Chichester, an authorised DJI Dealer to test fly a drone before you buy!

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Our Aim As A Store

Here at the Drone Safe Store we pride ourselves on our customer service. We believe that before someone buys a drone, whether it's their first time flying a drone or a professional frequent flyer they should be able to test fly them. It gives you the ability to check whether or not it’s the right drone for you and gives you the confidence you need to fly by yourself. 

We Offer You The Chance To Test A Drone In Store

Our offices in Chichester, West Sussex serves as an excellent destination for test flying a drone. Our experts are on hand to support you if you get stuck and can offer a substantial amount of knowledge. Whilst not all drones can be tested at our premises, our experts can answer any questions you may have in regards to flying safely, lawfully and competently. 

We can offer services such as helping in the first time set-up of DJI Go Fly accounts, demonstrations on how the drone controls work and the functionality of the drone and much more! These initiatives are all a part of our goal to welcome newcomers to the ever growing drone industry and to ensure they are well looked after and have a good understanding of the world they are getting themselves into. 

How Can I Book A Test Flight Experience?

Simply contact Drone Safe Store by either phone, email or live chat, expressing your interest in taking a test flight with one of our drones. We currently have test flight experience opportunities for the DJI Mini 2 and the DJI Mavic Air 2s. We are open Monday - Friday between the hours 9am - 5:30pm, however do give yourself 1 hour to complete the experience. We request you contact us before arriving for the experience to ensure that no double bookings occur and to keep Covid-19 Secure. Hand sanitizer and face coverings are provided, and social distancing is expected.

Where Can I Legally Test Fly My Drone After Purchasing?

Testing your drone after purchase can be challenging because of the confusion around different flying categories. It all depends on the weight of the aircraft:

For example the DJI Mini 2 benefits from being under 250g category. As it is a super lightweight drone, there are few flying restrictions and therefore is possible to be flown anywhere. 

The DJI Mavic Air 2S is heavier than the Mini 2 and therefore can only be flown away from the public and buildings without further permissions being obtained. 

More information about flying drones in different categories can be found here.

When test flying a drone, you are able to fly in any public open fields, 


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