DJI Customer Support

DJI Customer Support

Here at the Drone Safe Store we offer exceptional customer support with DJI and other products.

Why We Stand Out From The Rest

Being a U.K Official DJI Retailer, we offer customer support that you do not get anywhere else. We cannot express how passionate we are about giving customers the highest quality before, during and after sales care.

Being a DJI Retailer we include a 12 months manufacturer warranty on all of our DJI products. Simply contact us to return a faulty product. We also offer free next working day delivery. 

We also offer a 1-hour free consultation over the phone. Sometimes it’s more or less depending on how many questions you might have but the offer is there. This will give you the opportunity to gain the knowledge and confidence you need to excel with your flying.

We can also help you register for your Flyer ID and Operator ID. Please read below our customer’s journey with us.

Customer Journey With Us

A great example of this is one of our customers who came down from the New Forest last week. His journey with the Drone Safe Store started with our live chat. He asked for advice on a drone he wanted to buy, we recommended him the DJI Mini 2 as it was his first drone. He then called us up and we spoke to him on the phone for another 20 minutes which we love doing because it answers their questions.

He went for the DJI Mini 2 Combo and DJI Smart Controller. We then set up his DJI Go Fly account for him. As well as this we also helped him get his Flyer ID and register for his Operator ID. With his Flyer ID and Operator ID set up we then attached the sticker to his drone so he was ready to go.

We Offer Drone Insurance

Whether it’s recreational or commercial flying you want to pursue. Our partner CoverDrone can offer you the insurance you need to protect your investment in the sky. 

CoverDrone offers bespoke protection for commercial and recreational operators. This includes full cover whilst flying, aviation liability, data protection and invasion of privacy. 

For more information about CoverDrone please click here

Drone Safe Store Vs Big Box Retailers

The service we offer is made available due to our passion within our team. We offer incredible service compared to big retailers. This is because we pride ourselves on customer service whereas big box retailers prioritise profits.

We have people phoning us everyday because they cannot get through to the company they purchased their drone from. This is a problem for the drone industry as the customers do not get educated on drone laws or get the information they need when purchasing from a big retailer.

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