How Do I Set Up My DJI Drone?

How Do I Set Up My DJI Drone?

West Sussex Drone Store

Our Drone Safe Store is an Official UK DJI Retailer located in Chichester, West Sussex, we offer the full range of DJI Drones for sale, Cameras for sale, and Gimbals for sale. Our team is experienced with all DJI products and can help with any questions you may have. We can find the most suitable drone for you, whether you’re a professional drone pilot or you have never used a drone, there will always be the right drone/equipment for you. We also have a range of accessories to suit all skill levels of photography and videography. 

We are always welcoming to everyone visiting our DJI Drone Shop, whether you need help with a DJI Drone, or you would like to purchase an item from our DJI Drone Shop, our friendly service is and always will be free of charge. 

Things We Do Free Of Charge

  • Help You Create A DJI GO Fly Account

  • Activate Your Brand New DJI Product

  • Educate You On Flying Legally

  • Help Revise For Flyer ID & Operator ID

  • Print Operator ID Sticker For Drone

  • Let You Test Fly The DJI Mini 2

Jim’s Experience With Our Drone Store

Despite being in the aviation industry for many years surrounding himself with planes, he had never flown a drone until he travelled to our store from Southampton and tested our demo DJI Mini 2. Jim was instantly hooked and eager to fly drones, he’s happy about using the time in his day at the store and can’t wait to get more experience flying. 

For someone to be able to come into our store and know barely anything about flying a drone and come out with the knowledge to not only fly one but excel in flying one, proves our service is reliable and helpful for anyone - especially beginners.

Jim left with the DJI Mini 2 Combo as his first drone which we would always recommend as the ‘Ultimate Starter Drone’. He was very happy with his whole experience which can be seen by his smile in the picture below!

How To Set Up A Drone On Your Own

Setting up a DJI Drone can be quite hard and frustrating if it’s your first time. To start with you need to download the DJI Fly app on your phone, make sure you create a DJI Account or log into your account if you have one. Once you’re in the app with your account, you will have to activate your drone. Once you activate your drone, the 12-month DJI warranty will start from that point. 

Whilst setting up your DJI drone it will ask if you would like to go ahead with the DJI Care Refresh plan. DJI Care Refresh is a fully comprehensive protection plan for DJI products. DJI Care Refresh offers replacement service & accident protection as well as fly away coverage.

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