Drone Safe Store VS Retail Giants - Order Direct From Drone Safe Store

Drone Safe Store VS Retail Giants - Order Direct From Drone Safe Store

Drone Safe Store VS Retail Giants - Why You Should Order Direct From The Experts At Drone Safe Store

Purchasing your first drone is an exciting first step in your drone journey - but what happens if you have no idea what to do next? The big-box retail stores across the UK will be more than happy to sell you a brand new DJI FPV Combo, but then… nothing. 

Drone Safe Store is on a mission to provide not only excellent customer experience, but to educate the nation's future pilots on the rules, regulations and best practices. 

Find out what we’re doing to ensure we achieve this goal.

Support From The Start:

As soon as you begin browsing Drone Safe Store, you will notice the care and attention that goes into supporting our customers. Whether it's the incorporation of live web chat with the Drone Safe Team or a range of informative blogs, support starts immediately. 

Since the easing of government restrictions, we have also begun to offer in store consultations with either Mark, Dannie or Tom. Each of them can advise and guide on the best practices when purchasing a drone. Best of all for you, you get to walk off with a brand new drone without having to wait for delivery! 

When purchasing a drone from a retailer inside a supermarket, you will not only receive little to no support, but they will struggle to answer the simplest of questions and can not offer any professional insights into usage of your drone. 

Education Is Key:

At Drone Safe Store, we believe that educating our customers is of the utmost importance. Whenever we sell our products, we can rest easy knowing that our customers know the rules and regulations of flying their exciting new product.

One of the DJI flagship drones that we offer is the DJI Mini 2, a fan favourite amongst new drone users and industry professionals. The DJI Mini 2 requires a lot of clarification and understanding as it falls under the 250g weight class, meaning that some people believe that they do not need to take the test for an Operator ID. This is not correct. This is because the Mini 2 has a camera, therefore classifying it for the need of an Operator ID. We also always recommend pilots take and complete the Flyer ID assessment before flying - this is to define and expand a pilots knowledge and give them a clear understanding of the law. 

If you were to ask an employee at your nearest large retailer, they would be unlikely to explain this legislation to you, and they would certainly not educate you on the specifics of the Drone Code.

After Sale Support:

When purchasing from Drone Safe Store, support doesn’t end after you have received your new product. 

We offer a FREE consultation either via online web chat or over the phone to explain the set-up process and how to achieve the best results for the purpose you want. Not only are we giving you the knowledge to maximise your investment, but we are also ensuring you know the best and safest environment to fly your drone. As an added bonus, we also include several flyers outlining the fundamentals of drone ownership, as well as offering a 90 minute one-on-one flight training session for £149. 

If you purchase from a large chain store, the only contact you will receive after purchase is aggressive spam asking for you to review them. They simply cannot offer expert support as they do not specialise in drones and do not invest time or money into training.  

Drone Safe Store Also Offers:

☑️ Immediate Dispatch - Free Next Day Delivery.

☑️ Fast & Friendly Customer Service

☑️ Knowledgeable Experts on Hand to Answer Your Questions

As an independent local retailer, we understand the needs and requirements of our customers better than larger corporations ever could. Wherever you make a purchase, remember - think local, shop independent. 

So what’s stopping you? Order from the Drone Safe Store today!