DJI Action 2 Launch Accessories

DJI Action 2 Launch Accessories

Learn How The Range of DJI Action 2 Accessories Allow You To Double Down On Your Creativity

With the recent showcase of DJI’s latest and greatest action camera - the DJI Action 2 - we’ve taken a deep dive into the exciting new accessories that will be launching alongside the DJI Action 2!

The DJI Action 2 launch accessories have all been designed to elevate your creative opportunities and take advantage of the Action 2’s innovative magnetic design which allows users to freely snap and switch out the full range of Action 2 launch accessories.

Ready to learn more about the DJI Action 2 launch accessories and modules? Let’s dive in!

Action 2 Launch Wearable Accessories

Strap in for the camera of the year thanks to Action 2’s impressive range of wearable accessories. Stay in the moment whilst capturing the important moments that matter.

Magnetic Lanyard

Some things in life are best experienced in their natural state, rather than through the lens of a screen. Action 2 is intended to allow users to capture these moments while remaining in the present. You can wear Action 2 directly on your chest with the Magnetic Lanyard, freeing up your hands to catch a frisbee or grab a cold one - whichever you prefer!

Magnetic Headband

Attach Action 2 to the Magnetic Headband to film in FPV as you cruise down a river or cycle along an ocean path. It allows you to film with your hands free and then relive the action exactly as it happened.

DJI Action 2 Launch Modules

The DJI Action 2’s impressive magnetic design allows users to freely snap between powerful modules on the fly. Thanks to this unique new feature, the Action 2 has perfectly placed itself as the ultimate multi-function camera.

Intuitive Front Touchscreen Module

The DJI Action 2 provides creators with the ability to snap a ‘Front Touchscreen Module’ onto the device to make themselves the centre of attention. Built to fulfil the needs of vloggers, this front-facing OLED touchscreen and 4-mic Matrix Stereo system allow creators to compose and capture super crisp video and audio content.

Boosted Power Module

When you think of a power couple, you might be thinking of Barack & Michelle Obama, maybe Emily Blunt & John Krasinski but you should be thinking of the Action 2 Power Module. When connected, Action 2 gains a MicroSD card slot allowing creators to film for 3 hours! With the hot-swapping ability, users can even keep filming without missing a beat. 

DJI Action 2 Creative Launch Accessories

Some of the DJI Action 2 launch accessories have been specially designed to fulfil the essential creative needs of a modern-day action filmmaker.

Remote Control Extension Rod

With the Remote Control Extension Rod, you can take a group selfie, capture stable video and control Action 2 remotely. The quick-release grip is comfortable to use and includes an extension rod, tripod, and removable remote control pad.

DJI Microphone

DJI's new wireless microphone system provides exceptional sound quality and dual-channel recording at distances of up to 200m. The technology consists of two microphone transmitters, a receiver, and an ultra-portable charging case.

Macro Lens

Snap the Macro Lens onto the Action 2 for creative close-up shots with precise detail. This multi-layer coated optical glass lens is ideal for getting up close and personal with your subject.

DJI Action 2 General Launch Accessories

Alongside a collection of exciting new accessories which take advantage of the DJI Action 2’s unique new features, the Action 2 also launches with the accessories creative content creators expect. 

Waterproof Case

Built to withstand the demands of content creators, the Action 2 is already robust and waterproof right out of the box. However, when paired with the waterproof case you can push the limits of your aquatic adventures with waterproofing up to depths of 60 meters.

Floating Handle

Splashdown with your new Action 2 by attaching the floating handle to the device. The floating handle has been designed to keep the camera above water so you can get wild and wild without the fear of losing your device.

Remote Control Extension Rod

This 3-in-1 accessory is a prime example of the versatility of DJI’s range of products. The remote control extension acts as a selfie stick, tripod and detachable remote controller allowing you to greatly expand your shooting possibilities.

The DJI Action 2 launch accessories are all designed to expand your creative possibilities and take advantage of Action 2's innovative magnetic design, which allows users to freely snap and switch out the entire Action 2 launch accessory lineup.

The DJI Action 2’s range of launch accessories offers a range of abilities for creators to expand their creative capabilities! Double down on your creativity today!