Ambitious New DJI Ronin 4D Cinema Camera Combo

Ambitious New DJI Ronin 4D Cinema Camera Combo

The New Ronin 4D Gimbal Camera Just Announced

DJI has started the season of product launches by announcing a new 4-axis stabilised cinema-worthy camera.

The DJI Ronin 4D is a super-advanced, new technology from DJI, integrating their most advanced technology advancements into an all-in-one cinematography solution. This provides an unprecedented level of flexibility to independent cinematographers around the world. 

What is the Ronin 4D Cinema Camera?

The DJI Ronin 4D is the new industry-defining 8K video camera and the world's first cinema camera with 4-Axis Stabilisation. The Ronin 4D even features Active Z-Axis controls. 

At launch, the DJI Ronin 4D camera will launch with both 6K and 8K capturing options, with the ability to record up to 120FPS in 4K video recording mode. 

For the first time, a cinema camera operator can have footstep movement destabilisation almost completely removed as they walk, run and even shift direction while recording. 

This ambitious new advancement from DJI means cinema camera operators can capture wide sliding shots without the need for a dolly system, whilst maintaining every rich detail. The new gimbal system is portable and compact, allowing you to shoot without the need to manually balance the footage. 

Above all, the Ronin 4D has been built to fulfil the needs of cinema camera operators in one, unique design. Crafted with a combination of carbon fibre and aluminium magnesium, the camera's body integrates imaging, stabilisations and focusing all in one. 

Powered By Zenmuse X9

The new DJI Ronin 4D comes equipped with the Zenmuse X9 - DJI’s flagship full-frame camera - alongside DJI’s very own proprietary chip. This results in a compact cinema camera with high-performance computing power. 

DJI has also developed CineCore 3.0, allowing internal support for Apple ProRes RAW, ProRes 422 HQ, and H.264 video. Professional grade creation has never been easier. 

The video has never looked so good with the DJI Ronin 4D. Featuring DCI 8K (8192×4320)/60fps video, the Ronin 4D captures every little detail, with flawless quality. Recording video content in 8K also offers unprecedented creative options, with unparalleled flexibility for cropping and recomposing. 

The Zenmuse X9 features 14+ stops of dynamic range allowing for stunning scenes to be captured irrespective of complex lighting conditions. The dual native ISO allows for images to be recorded with impressive detail and minimal noise. 

Built From DJI Drone Technology

In many ways, the Ronin 4D is a professional camera drone that does not fly: it receives input from downward-facing ToF (distance) and forward and backward visual sensors, as well as an IMU and barometer (altitude).

The Ronin 4D is also powered by a TB50 battery, similar to the one found in the DJI Inspire 2. This is most likely because of the simple slot-in design and higher-density battery cell.

The Ronin 4D also has wireless video transmission and control, as well as the ability to track subjects with 'ActiveTrack Pro,' a new variant of the AI tracking technology first seen in the original DJI Phantom 4 drone.

Buy The New DJI Ronin 4D Camera Combo

Customers can purchase the Ronin 4D with either of the new Zenmuse X9 cameras, both of which are full-frame and fully capable of shooting Apple ProRes and ProRes RAW, as well as traditional H.264).

The Zenmuse X9 8K (which can output up to 8K@75fps) costs £9,499, while the Zenmuse X9 6K (which can output up to 6K@60fps or 4K@120fps) costs £5,999.

The new DJI Ronin Ronin 4D launches in December 2021.