Best Drone For Kids at Christmas

Best Drone For Kids at Christmas

Discover The Best DJI Drone For Kids This Christmas [XMAS 2021]

Christmas is a time for giving, a time for loving and a time for your child to experience something new: the thrill of flying.

When it comes to buying a drone for Christmas, the options are endless.

However, as a parent, you want to know it’s safe, fun and affordable.

That’s why you should shop from the UK’s trusted drone experts at Drone Safe Store and not from the big stock-shifting companies!

Are you ready to find out what we believe is the best drone for kids this Christmas? Get ready for takeoff!

DJI Tello - Best Drone For Kids [Christmas 2021]

The DJI Tello is the most fun kids can have with a drone without needing to break the bank - or any furniture!

The Tello is an impressive little drone designed especially for kids and young adults to get the thrill of flying without the stress.

New To Drones? No Problem!

Thanks to the impressive technology packed into the Tello, kids can take advantage of all the great features you expect of drones worth thousands!

Packed to the brim with safety features, Tello is perfect for providing kids with a safe yet stunning flight experience.

  • Auto Takeoff & Landing
  • Precise Positioning System
  • Low Battery & Failsafe Protection

Capture Quality Aerial Pictures

The second coolest thing about flying a drone - other than flying it! - is being able to capture aerial photos!

The Tello comes equipped with a high-quality image processor, allowing you to capture HD images and videos and easily share them on social media from your smartphone.

With EZ Shots, anyone can record coordinated short videos with Circle, 360, and Up & Away.

Unlike other drones on the market at a similar price point, the Tello is capable of capturing consistently clear images thanks to its Electronic Image Stabilisation.

Not Just For Fun

Tello is not only a blast to fly for kids, but it’s educational too. Tello can be programmed with “Scratch” - an MIT-developed coding system providing children and teens with the ability to learn the basics of programming while having fun.

It’s not just about programming - it’s about what you can do it. Kids can develop their skills further by playing games and completing levels. Sorry, but it’s not quite Fortnite!

Buying a Tello allows you to teach your kids, without your kids knowing they’re being taught.

What could be better than that?

Best Camera Drone For Kids - At An Affordable Price

What separates the DJI Tello from other starter camera drones for kids is that it comes with software designed for professionals but reinvented for kids.

No other starter drone on the market comes with a smart, intuitive camera, as well as a magnitude of safety features. Then there’s the added benefit of its programmable ability.

DJI Tello - The Perfect Kids Drone For Christmas

Starting at just £99.00, the Tello is an affordable first-camera drone for Christmas which is perfect for any techy child.

For just £30.00 more, you can grab the Tello with additional batteries, a charging hub and spare pairs of propellers.

The Tello offers a premium, safe and exciting flight experience, without the cost.

When it comes to buying the perfect drone for kids this Christmas, you either buy nice or buy twice.

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