Why would you want a Hardcase for your drone?

Why would you want a Hardcase for your drone?


All HPRC Hardcases are Impact, Shock Resistant, Waterproof and Airtight. This means that no matter what, your drone is protected. This can be useful in a range of circumstances, for example, if you walk with your drone and you accidentally drop it you won’t damage your drone as you have a big case around it. Another advantage of having a drone HPRC Hardcase is for storage/travel purposes. A Hardcase allows you to stack items on top of it as the Hardcase has a hard shell outside and everything is secure inside of the case. 

If you have an expensive Drone you should protect it properly. For example, if you have a Mavic 3 Cine you want to store it in a Hardcase where it can’t be damaged in almost any circumstances.


If you are a Professional Drone Operator it’s worth it to turn up to a job looking professional with a HPRC Hardcase. Looking professional means that people are more likely to take you seriously and you might be able to charge more for the same job. All HPRC Hardcases are made of a sleek black resin.


All HPRCs come with a Pre-Cut Foam template that can the drone, controller and most accessories. For example, the HPRC 2300 for the Mini 2 can hold the Drone, Remote Controller, Propellers, 2 Intelligent Flight Batteries, 18w Charger, Two-Way Charging Hub and the Cables that come with it. As previously mentioned, having a HPRC Hardcase means that you can stack other items on top of it without any worries so that travel or storage is extremely

What Drones can you get a HPRC Hardcase for?

You can get a HPRC Hardcase for most DJI Drones and Cameras. Here is a list of HPRC hard cases:

HPRC-2500-01 Hardcase For DJI FPV

HPRC 2400-01 Hardcase For DJI Mavic 3 (RC Pro)

HPRC2300 Hardcase For DJI Mini 3 Pro

HPRC2300 Hardcase For DJI Mini 2 Combo