Unleash Your Aerial Photography Passion with the DJI Mavic 3 Pro

Unleash Your Aerial Photography Passion with the DJI Mavic 3 Pro

DJI Mavic 3 Pro - Ultimate Aerial Photography

If you are passionate about aerial photography, the Mavic 3 Pro could be your dream drone. Its triple-camera system incorporating three sensors and three lenses with varying focal lengths is another leap forward from DJI. The Hasselblad camera behind all this captures stunning quality allowing you to explore new possibilities for both stills and video.

Three Focal Lengths

Just a few years ago the functionality of the Mavic 3 Pro would’ve sounded like a photographer’s wish list for a camera drone. By tapping the display you switch between the three focal lengths to view different crops and compositions. Of course, the drone is easy to fly and packed with safety features so you can concentrate more on creativity and making the most of its photographic capabilities. 

The lightweight, foldable design - others have tried to copy, but nothing comes close to DJI’s Mavic! - means it’s easily transportable and practical for a wide range of assignments. With 43 minutes of flight time, you have plenty of opportunities to look for the best angles and experiment with the different focal length options. For video sequences, you have time to practise the best start points, heights and flow. Waypoint flight and cruise control add to the ease of flight. Technology does enable creativity and drive inspiration with this amazing camera drone.

The core specification alone makes the Mavic 3 Pro a contender for the best camera drone available today, but it’s also packed with intelligent features such as -

  • Quickshots. Intelligent camera movements including Rocket, Circle, Dronie and Helix

  • FocusTrack. The Hasselblad camera supports ActiveTrack 5.0, Spotlight and Point of Interest enabling multi-directional tracking shots

  • 100MP Panoramas. Stunning for those landscape and seascape shots!

  • MasterShots. A feature enabling you to shoot, edit and add soundtracks like a pro

  • LightCut. Great for previewing recorded clips and allows ‘One-Tap edit’ with a range of templates for adding the ‘wow factor’ instantly