Protect Your Investment With a Propeller Guard

Protect Your Investment With a Propeller Guard

The Essential Tool For New Pilots

When you first get your new drone, all you want to do is take it out for a spin – but be careful! Drones are expensive pieces of kit and it is vital you keep it in tip-top condition to maximise your asset. 

What does a Propeller Guard Do?

Propeller guards are designed to fully protect the propellers of a drone and stop the blades from being damaged and damaging objects around you. By putting a barrier between the blade and other objects, you are ensuring the integrity and strength of the blade for a sustained amount of time. 

Why Is Using A Propeller Guard Perfect For Beginners?

As a new pilot, you’re bound to crash. It happens to everyone. When your flying with a propeller guard however you are ensuring the safety of yourself and the drone. Crucially, the guard protects not just the blade but the motor as well. Propellers are cheap and easy to replace, a motor however, can cost hundreds of pounds to fix. This is not only a significant cost but will take a large amount of time to solve, meaning you could be without your drone for weeks.  
Avoiding a crash is just the tip of the iceberg for beginners. Using a propeller guard will also give you the ability to fly efficiently indoors whilst avoiding objects. This is a great way of improving your piloting skills whilst being safe. It is also useful if you don’t have easy access to a large space for flying - if you have a garden space you can utilise the area to its full advantage by practicing in it. 

Why Is a Propeller Guard Useful For Commercial Pilots?

There are a multitude of situations when even experienced pilots are challenged with flying in an area restricted by objects. Using a propeller guard will mitigate the risk of flying and reassure the safety of your client and their property. With the use of a propeller guard, you can capture some visually dynamic and unique photo and video as well as improving flight safety. 

When Can’t I Use Propeller Guards?

Propeller guards are not to be used in high altitudes or in a windy or rainy environment. This is due to the extra weight it places on the device. Due to this additional weight, you also have fewer potential minutes in the air. It is also important to remember that When flying at exceptionally high speeds, they might only have a small effect in minimising collision damage. Always fly with caution and mind.