New Smart Controller DJI RC Pro

New Smart Controller DJI RC Pro

DJI’s Next Generation Smart Controller Has Arrived For The Mavic 3

DJI’s next generation of technology is here, and DJI has decided to upgrade the Smart Controller alongside the new Mavic 3. The new DJI RC Pro controller will bring incredible signal range and quality to next-generation, professional drones. 

Join us as we examine and break down what the new DJI RC Pro controller has to offer professional drone pilots. 

New Video Transmission

Consistent signal coverage has always been essential when it comes to drone operations and DJI understands this. That’s why the DJI RC Pro features O3+ video transmission technology.

With the help of this revolutionary technology, a live 1080p/60FPS broadcast can be transmitted with a latency of as little as 120ms over a distance of up to 8KM. The integrated 2T4R high-gain antenna system improves signal coverage and maintains consistent, lag-free signal transmission.

High Bright Screen

Having perfect viewing under direct sunlight was an essential feature of last generation Smart Controller due to the conditions professional pilots often fly under. 

The DJI RC Pro includes a fully integrated 5.5” 1080p screen with an average brightness of 1000 nits. This means shadow details are enhanced automatically for a vibrant display, even when under direct sunlight.

High-Performance Smart Controller

Thanks to recent innovations, the DJI RC Pro comes equipped with the latest generation of super-powerful processors, the RC Pro allows for stronger performance and lower power consumption. 

This means a 4x improved CPU performance and 20% lower power consumption when compared to the previous DJI Smart Controller. These benefits result in a more stable and smooth flying experience for professional pilots.

FPV Inspired Flying Experience

The DJI RC Pro utilises technology designed for the DJI FPV, in particular, the same controller stick design. 

This intuitive control stick design allows for precise control of the Mavic 3 and allows for a smoother operation meaning far better results when it comes to shot composition. 

The RC Pro also benefits from “Instant Start” allowing the smart controller to connect to your chosen aircraft in a matter of seconds. 

Planned Post Launch Support

Thanks to the software built inside the RC Pro Controller, DJI has planned several exciting features to launch in the future.

This includes the ability to live stream directly from the RC Pro controller. As the RC Pro supports the installation of third-party software, users can distribute and share content directly from the controller.

Is The RC Pro Controller Worth It?

At Drone Safe Store, we were big fans of the original DJI Smart Controller, so an upgraded, next-generation edition is a great thing!

Whilst not an essential accessory for everyone, the RC Pro controller provides an impressive number of great benefits for professional drone pilots. 

Drone Safe Store recommends the RC Pro Controller to any professional pilot who is serious about commercial drone operations.