Drones For Sale Near Me

Drones For Sale Near Me

Are you looking for drones for sale near you?

Where To Find A Drone Near You

Finding drones for sale near you can be hard. Sometimes there might not be many options and you might not get the right advice you need from a big retailer. We are an official UK DJI Retailer that prides itself on our customer service. If you come into our store or shop online you are in good hands. We try and stock everything DJI sell so more than likely we will have what you need.

We are a drone shop located in Chichester, West Sussex down Terminus Road. We have customers coming from all over the country however if you live too far away we can offer a great service online too. Our phone and instant chat feature is answered almost instantly because we want to be there for you regarding any help you may need.

Things We Do Free Of Charge

  • Help Create a DJI Account

  • Activate Your Brand New DJI Product

  • Educate You On Flying Legally

  • Help Revise For Flyer ID & Operator ID

  • Print Operator ID Stickers For Your Drone

  • Let You Test Fly The DJI Mini 2

Brand New Vs Used

You may be wondering whether to go for a brand new drone or a used drone. We do offer a limited number of ‘Open Box’ products that have never been used before and only opened for display purposes, we can offer a 12-month DJI warranty on these products. (Warranty begins as soon as the product is activated) As well as this our brand-new products also include a 12-month DJI warranty.

When purchasing used drones for sale from somewhere else be careful because if the product was activated over a 12-month warranty, you will not be covered if anything goes wrong with it. Drones are not cheap, and if you are flying a £1,000+ drone in the sky with no warranty it is certainly a risk!

With our Open Box deals, you will still be able to get DJI Care Refresh as they haven't been activated and you purchase care-refresh when activating your drone.

Drone Safe Store Vs Retail Giants

Drone Safe Store is incomparable to the bigger retail giants in the drone industry. The level of service we offer simply cannot be matched anywhere in the U.K. There is no drone shop in the UK where you can walk in and get completely set up and ready to fly when you get home, at no extra cost.

Our after-care service is guaranteed. We will not be left to your own devices after purchasing from us. We are only a phone call away if you ever need help with anything. For returns, we can book a collection for the next day and send you a new one out so you will get a new product the next day. This is what we do at our drone store.

There is a reason we have 140+ 5-star reviews on Google.

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