DJI Zenmuse H30 Series Vs H20 Series

DJI Zenmuse H30 Series Vs H20 Series

About Zenmuse

The DJI Zenmuse H30 series is the latest addition to the lineup since the H20 series came out in 2020. The series includes the H30 and H30T, both built to be versatile and durable. With an IP54 rating, these payloads are perfect for inspections in any weather.

You can grab the H30T bundled with the DJI M350 RTK, or if you don't need the thermal features, you can get the H30 by itself.

In this blog, we'll briefly walk through the features of the H30 series and compare them to the H20 series. We’ll explore the quality and usefulness of their core features for different applications. We'll cover camera features, thermal capabilities, night vision settings, photography modes, supported modules, and drone compatibility to help you find what's best for your enterprise operations.

Camera Features

There have been significant improvements in camera features, especially between the H30T and H20T. The zoom capabilities have doubled, the lens size has increased, and the camera quality has more than doubled, allowing for wider shots with greater clarity and detail.

If you're checking out a construction site and need detailed, zoomed-in images from a safe distance, the H30 series is your go-to. With its awesome zoom capabilities and sharp detail capture, you can stay safe without sacrificing image quality or getting too close to the action.

Camera Features

Thermal Capabilities

The H30T features an excellent sensor, which is ideal for detailed data collection tasks such as police searches, wildlife tracking, and fire monitoring. It captures data with high precision and displays it in crystal clear Ultra-HD resolution.

Arguably the most notable upgraded feature is the zoom capability, allowing you to maintain a safe distance from your target whilst still capturing detailed images. But if you don't need that much zoom or can safely get closer, the H20T is still a great option.

In terms of overall accuracy, the H30T is the best model to go for. The H30T’s Laser Range Finder (LRF) sensor is significantly improved and is 2.5 times more accurate than the H20T, resulting in more precise and reliable target positioning.

Night Vision Capabilities

When it comes to the night vision features, the models are very similar, with a few notable differences. 

The big difference in night vision between the H30 and H20 series is that the H30 series adds night vision to both its models, the H30 and H30T. The H30 can film in night vision, while the H30T adds thermal imaging for dark environments. Both models use night vision with different photo and video modes to ensure clear and accurate data.

Night Vision Capabilities

Notable Extras

The H30 and H20 series share some Smart Features, allowing for high-quality, professional-level filming with both models. These include: 

  • Night Scene Mode

  • AI Spot Check

  • Panorama 

  • Smart Track

  • High-Res Gris Capture 

  • FlightHub 2

The DJI Zenmuse H30 series steps up the game from the H20 series, making it a sweet pick for pros wanting top-notch imaging. With its fancy zoom, bigger lens, and clearer data, the H30 series rocks in fields like public safety and energy checks. Having said that, don't sleep on the H20 series - it still dishes out reliable, top-quality imaging!

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