Avata ND Filters

Avata ND Filters

Drone ND filters are an important part of any photographer’s kit. They allow you to shoot in bright conditions without the footage being overexposed.

An ND filter works by reducing the amount of light entering the lens. This allows you to take pictures at night with less noise and more detail and pictures in the day with reduced light levels. It also helps protect your camera sensor from damage caused by bright lights.

Types Of ND Filters

There are two main types of ND filters – neutral density (ND) and polarising (polariser). Neutral density filters are used to reduce the amount of light coming into the camera lens. Polarising filters work by reducing glare when shooting landscapes or other outdoor scenes.

Choosing A Drone ND Filter

If you’re looking to buy a new drone ND filter, there are several things to consider before making a purchase. First, make sure you understand what each type of ND filter does. Second, decide whether you need a neutral density filter or a polarising filter. Third, find out what kind of camera you own so you can determine which filter will work best with it.

Freewell ND Filters 

The mission of Freewell is to give our clients high-quality goods at affordable prices, as well as a fantastic customer experience that pays attention to customer input, makes the best possible product recommendations, and satisfies both present and future consumer needs.

Freewell is known for its industry-leading optics that ensure colour neutrality, ensuring the content you capture is amazing. 

Freewell DJI Avata Filters Standard Day 4 Pack - This filter package, which includes ND8, ND16, ND32, and ND64, meets your needs during an ordinary day, whether it's sunny or cloudy.


Freewell DJI Avata UV Filter - UV filters serve as sunglasses for the camera and protect your drone from harm.


Freewell DJI Avata Polarizer Filter - A Polariser Filter is used to improve colour saturation and decrease air haze while also reducing reflections.

DJI ND Filters

DJI Avata ND Filters Set (ND8/16/32) - The filters can assist you in capturing true colours with amazing highlight and shadow details since they are composed of high-quality light-reduction materials. With the correct filter, you can adjust the aperture or shutter more precisely, which opens up more exposure options and more space for your artwork. Here is our selection of DJI Avata filters.