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Drone Safe Store is the best place to buy DJI Drones and more. Drone Safe Store offers more than just drones and exceptional support. We also offer services for members of the Drone Safe Register.

A2CofC Training Course


Drone Safe Store offers the A2CofC Online Training Course at a discounted price of £75. Purchasing this with us gives you the opportunity to get trained to do your A2CofC with Osprey Drone Training. This course is CAA-approved.

The A2CofC Course allows you to…

• Fly within the Open Category A2.

• Fly in Open Category A1 (Sub 500g aircraft).

• No CAA oversight.

• No CAA application is required.

• Certificate Valid for 5 years.

• Full online course.

• Online remote exam.

• Self-assessed flying  (You must have completed self-assessed flying)

• No flight test is required.

Drone Safe Register Membership Options


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