Drone Training

Drone Safe Store offers CAA-approved online Drone Training Courses. These include A2CofC, GVC and bespoke flight experiences from professional drone pilots. If you are looking for drone training near you or online drone training look no further our drone training academies will teach you how to become a drone pilot.


Whether you are a hobby drone operator looking to get more out of your drone or you are wanting to get into commercial operation, it is important to take advantage of the A2CofC.

New drone regulations were put into place by the CAA into the UK on the 31st December 2020.

We also have many more drone training academies in the UK that can offer in-person flight training. Find your drone training provider near you now.

Our Trusted Drone Training Providers


All of our trusted drone training providers are certified by Drone Safe Register and CAA Approved. They will give you the certificates needed to operate commercially and get the most out of your drone.

Flightgate Ltd.

iRed Academy

A2CofC Online Drone Training

We are extremely proud to offer the A2CofC Online Course. The A2CofC allows you to fly within the A2 subcategory while flying a Class C2 unmanned aircraft or, until 31st December 2022, with an unmanned aircraft with a mass less than 2kg.

Once you have received your drone training you can also fly within the A1 subcategory while flying an unmanned aircraft with a mass less than 500g until 31st December 2022.

And in the Specific category if the associated Operational Authorisation explicitly states that the A2 CofC is the level of competence required.