A2CofC + GVC Course Training Package (E-Learning)

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  • CAA Approved (RAE 7391)
  • Valid for 5 Years
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A2CofC + GVC Course Training Package (E-Learning)

The General Visual Line of Sight Certificate, often known as the GVC, is a new drone qualification that will be launched on January 1, 2021. It is intended for pilots who want to operate heavier drones for commercial inspections.


If you have the GVC, you will be able to fly enterprise drones in the new Specific category, which will give you the ability to fly with greater payloads and equipment. Enterprise drones flown by pilots who have been trained and certified by the GVC can come within 50 metres of uninvolved individuals.


This CAA Approved certificate also enables access to a broad variety of new regions in which pilots are permitted to fly; without it, pilots will not be able to operate within 150 metres of residential, commercial, or industrial sectors.


Today, you can learn online at your own speed with access to the final test around the clock.


Why do I need a GVC?

To put it another way, new pilots will not be permitted to fly their drone in the majority of locations within the UK if they do not have an A2 Certificate of Competency. Because of this qualification, new pilots are now able to legally fly their drone closer to people and buildings, which can be beneficial for both recreational and business purposes.


Ideal for small, recreational airraft

Fly drones between 250g-2kg

Fly within 5m of people

Fly within 5m of buildings

Fly in recreational areas

Fly in congested areas


Suited for professional drone pilots

Fly drones between 2-25kg

Fly within 50m of people

Fly within 50m of buildings 

Fly in recreational areas

Fly in congested areas


Course contents include:

Meteorology & Planning

UK Air Law & Responsibilities

Drone Flight Performance & Operations

Drone Operating Principles


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