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DJI O3 Air Unit & Goggles 2

Your FPV experience will soar to new heights with the DJI O3 Air Unit, an FPV system that incorporates DJI's cutting-edge video transmission technology into a compact and lightweight design. Long-distance HD video transmission with reduced latency is simple to use. With the addition of the O3 Air Unit's new 1/1.7-inch sensor, 155° super-wide FOV, flagship video technology, and other improvements, imaging performance has significantly increased. It offers a video transmission solution and is compatible with a variety of drones, allowing you to fully realise your aerial creative potential.

DJI Goggles 2 Headband
DJI Goggles 2 Headband

Premium Video Transmission provides the energy

A wide range of advanced video transmission options are available with the DJI O3 Air Unit's DJI O3+ Video Transmission. Take quick, accurate control of your drone while seeing a clear, razor-sharp live stream. Within the signal coverage area, the 2T2R omnidirectional antennas further enhance video transmission consistency and smoothness.


DJI Goggles 2

Fly with the DJI Goggles 2 and feel the excitement of flight. Dual-HD Micro-OLED panels take your senses to the sky.

Flying through the air with a maximum frame rate of 100Hz allows for real-time reaction.

The DJI O3 ultra-low low latency video transmission ensures a clear and consistent live feed while you explore.

DJI Goggles 2 are simple to use, comfortable to wear, and portable with the DJI Motion Controller.

Enjoy the view while learning a novel technique for taking aerial photographs. With DJI Goggles 2, the fantasy of flight becomes a reality.

DJI Goggles 2 Headband
DJI Goggles 2 Headband

Portable and quick


Foldable Antennas, 290 g or so in weight
Battery life of two hours Charge quickly and fly high with a strong battery.

Because of its very lightweight and breathable design, DJI Goggles 2 are simple to use for extended flights without putting strain on your eyes.