The Latest DJI Avata 2 Firmware Updates

The Latest DJI Avata 2 Firmware Updates

About The New Release

The recently released DJI Avata 2 has a fresh firmware update, packed with new features and improvements to take your flying experience to the next level.

The new firmware means you don't need to replace your goggles or controller, making the upgrade a lot more tempting! The update not only covers the Avata 2, but the DJI Goggles 3, DJI RC Motion 3, DJI FPV Remote Controller 3, and other related devices.

Firmware Versions

The firmware versions in this update include:

  • DJI Avata 2 Firmware: V01.00.0300

  • DJI Goggles 3 Firmware: V01.00.0200

  • DJI RC Motion 3 Firmware: V01.00.0100

  • DJI FPV Remote Controller 3 Firmware: V01.00.0100

  • DJI Goggles 2 Firmware: V01.10.0000

  • DJI Goggles Integra Firmware: V01.06.0000

  • DJI RC Motion 2 Firmware: V01.08.0000

  • DJI FPV Remote Controller 2 Firmware: V02.00.1000

  • DJI Fly App iOS: V1.13.4

  • DJI Fly App Android: V1.13.4

What Makes This Update Different?

The update enables wider compatibility across different DJI devices:

  • Support for DJI Goggles Integra and DJI Goggles 2: This update allows the Avata 2 to be used seamlessly with the latest DJI Goggles Integra and DJI Goggles 2, providing customers with more options for immersive FPV experiences.

  • Support for DJI RC Motion 2 and DJI FPV Remote Controller 2: When used with the DJI Goggles Integra and DJI Goggles 2, the Avata 2 now supports the DJI RC Motion 2 and DJI FPV Remote Controller 2. This helps to increase control, and therefore the flexibility and precision of your flights.

  • 4K/100fps Video Recording: The new firmware includes upgraded support for recording videos in 4K resolution at 100 frames per second. This allows more detailed and smooth footage, making your aerial videos more professional and seamless.

  • RID (Remote ID) Support: The update includes support for Remote ID in certain regions. Remote ID is essential for compliance with regional regulations, enhancing safety and accountability in drone operations.

  • Bug Solutions: DJI has recognised issues and bugs in the technology, and has improved the overall performance of the Avata 2 and associated devices. This ensures a smooth, reliable and more enjoyable experience.

DJI's Important Take-Aways:

Restart Required: After completing the firmware update, restart the aircraft, remote control device, and goggles to ensure all changes take effect.

Parameter Reset: The firmware update may reset several flight parameters, including Return-To-Home (RTH) Altitude and Maximum Flight Distance. Make sure to note your preferred settings before the update and readjust them afterwards.

Update Failures: If the update process fails, restart the aircraft, remote control device, goggles, and the DJI Fly app or DJI Assistant 2 (Consumer Drone Series), and attempt the update again.

Enjoy a more versatile and powerful flying experience with the new firmware update. Make sure to follow all system instructions correctly, and contact us with any questions or queries. 


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