Drone SUSA Ground Control Points

Drone SUSA Ground Control Points

Drone SUSA Ground Control Points For Sale

These new and innovative GCP and CP aerial target boards have been designed to address the requirement for good quality and reusable targets for drone surveying.

Selection of locations for each GCP in the area of interest is important. Consider trees, terrain, overhead utilities that may affect the line of sight to satellites. GCPs must be clearly visible to the drone. Greater the number of images captured by the drone that includes each GCP, the more accurate the processed output.

Locate each GCP on relatively level ground immediately under the board to ensure the board remains in position during the survey period. Laying the board on loose, granular surfaces should be avoided whenever possible. The board surface should be as close as possible to the natural ground level. If an absolute accuracy of 1cm or 2cm is to be targeted then the 8mm thickness of the board can be subtracted from the coordinate altitude value to assist.

Once all GCPs are set out, collect the coordinate data by the preferred method (normally GNSS device mounted on a range pole). The surveying range pole point should be located centre of the board on the crosshair formed by the meeting of the two white and black squares. 


·      Wipe down as necessary after each use with a damp, soft lint-free cloth to remove water, moisture, soil etc. 

·      Do not use abrasive liquids or materials

·      Ensure boards are fully dry and free from grit and debris before storage between uses.

·      Do not use in temperatures lower than -10°C as the board will become brittle