DJI Osmo Action 3 Features

DJI Osmo Action 3 Features

With Osmo Action 3, push any journey to its limit. The action features full-colour touchscreens on the front and back for simple parameter and playback control, as well as a quick-release design for simple mounting in both the horizontal and vertical directions. There has never been a better time to act thanks to new developments in waterproofness, battery longevity, and cold resistance.

High-Quality Camera

The DJI Osmo Action 3 has a 4k/120fps that can capture any moment in high quality. The 4k/120fps camera is incredibly smooth which allows you to look back on your past experiences as if you are experiencing them again. The Osmo Action 3’s sensor is 1/1.7 inch which is optimum for image quality.

Super Wide FOV

The DJI Osmo Action 3 has a 155-degree Super-Wide FOV. The huge FOV makes every shot more appealing, immersive and memorable.

True To Life Colours

Even under challenging lighting conditions, such as when scuba diving or free diving well below the surface, the Osmo Action 3's colour temperature sensor intelligently adjusts white balance and AE for exceptionally realistic colours.

Secure and Efficient

The unique quick-release design of the Osmo Action 3 increases impact resistance by combining a strong magnetic force with an additional positioning clip. As a result, it is more than capable of handling intense situations. Additionally, it is simple to detach and adaptable enough to easily change settings and attachments.

Long Battery Life

The Osmo Action 3 features a 160-minute battery life that lasts as long as you do. This allows you to get 2.5+ hours of use and means you can capture all of your adventures.

RockSteady 3.0

The most recent version of RockSteady, which can successfully eliminate camera shake in all directions, is powered by a new generation of intelligent stabilising algorithms. It allows for filming at up to 4K/120fps and offers a steady, lifelike first-person experience.


Camera shake is reduced in all directions thanks to this clever stabilisation technology, which also horizontally corrects tilt at any angle. As a result, video can stay horizontally level even during sharp drops and complete 360-degree revolutions. In addition, HorizonBalancing, which stabilises 4K/60fps video recording and adjusts horizontal tilt to within 45°, can be activated.

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