DJI Delivery Drone Launches

DJI Delivery Drone Launches

With the introduction of a new drone in China today, DJI has officially entered the distribution and logistics sector. The tech giant's first carrier drone, the FlyCart 30, which was just introduced, has two delivery options: a cargo box and a winch crane mechanism.

Details and Features

A 4-axis, 8-propeller multi-rotor architecture is used by the new DJI FlyCart 30 delivery drone, which has a maximum payload capacity of 30 kg in dual battery mode and a maximum range of 16 km when fully loaded. The drone's payload capacity can be increased to 40 kg by using just one battery.

However, because they are a part of the drone's redundancy system, multiple batteries are advised. During a delivery operation, if one battery fails, the other can step in and ensure the safe return of the aircraft.

Intelligent obstacle avoidance, dual radar, an ADS-B signal receiver, and a built-in parachute system for controlled descent during critical failure are further safety features. FlyCart 30 additionally enables users to build up emergencies which allows operators to set up multiple safe landing points.

The brand-new delivery drone from DJI is an all-weather device with IP55 weather protection and a maximum wind resistance of 12 m/s. The aircraft can fly at a top speed of 20 m/s for up to 18 minutes while carrying 30kg of cargo on two self-heating batteries.

The drone is equipped with DJI's O3 video transmission system, which allows for operations beyond the operator's line of sight (BVLOS) and gives a strong signal up to 20 km away. Meanwhile, the aircraft's maximum flight height has been set at 6,000 metres to accommodate the transportation requirements of various altitudes, particularly those of mountainous places that are difficult to access.

The drone is compatible with DJI's 4G cellular dongle for use in more complicated conditions where transmission signals could be obstructed. However, that isn't the most interesting part. Dual controls for the device are possible with the FlyCart 30, meaning that two pilots may successfully work together to resolve the issues of signal occlusion and inadequate delivery precision in long-distance transportation by switching the control authority of the drone with the push of a button.

What Does a DJI Delivery Drone Cost?

The new DJI delivery drone has a starting price of  £14,000 in China. A FlyCart 30 aircraft, a DJI RC Plus remote controller, two Intelligent Flight Batteries, a charging hub, and connections are all included in the regular kit. To simplify flight planning and multi-machine management, the company has also introduced a new cloud platform called DJI Transport for air transportation.