DJI Terra

Make the entire planet a digital asset. You can simply map, analyse, and visualise your environment using DJI Terra. This software was developed to aid professionals in converting actual events into digital assets.

DJI Terra is a PC application software with features such 2D multispectral reconstruction, LiDAR point cloud processing, and thorough inspection missions.

It mostly uses 2D orthophotos and 3D model reconstruction. It is a one-stop shop that offers customers in the business unmatched efficiency, with thorough reconstruction models accommodating verticals like land mapping, power transmission, emergency services, construction, transportation, and agriculture.

Drone Safe Store officially sells DJI Terra software.

DJI Terra Pro 1 Year (1 device)

3D Models

Imports photos are taken from various perspectives in order to automatically create a realistic 3D model. For picture reconstruction in a variety of situations, such as surveying and mapping, accident scenes, power grid equipment, and progress monitoring for construction projects, there are three resolutions available: high, medium, and low.

DJI Terra Pro 1 Year (1 device)
DJI Terra Pro 1 Year (1 device)

2D Maps

Generate high-resolution orthomosaics, enabling you to get detailed and accurate measurement results for all your critical projects.


Utilize DJI Terra to process the Zenmuse L1's point cloud data. Create fieldwork reports, combining point cloud and visible light data, export point clouds in specified formats, and calculate POS data all with a single click.

DJI Terra Pro 1 Year (1 device)
DJI Terra Pro 1 Year (1 device)


Create radiometrically calibrated reflectance maps for remote sensing studies and more using multispectral data from P4 Multispectral, or create vegetation index maps containing NDVI and NDRE. To increase crop yields while lowering expenses, create prescription maps for variable rate applications using DJI's Agras drones.

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