DJI Terra Pro Permanent (1 device)

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  • Model Reconstruction
  • Real-time Reconstruction
  • Lidar Data Processing
  • Detailed Inspection
  • Model application

DJI Terra Pro Permanent (1 device)

With DJI Terra, you can easily map, analyse, and visualise your surroundings. This software was created to help experts in the field turn real-world situations into digital assets.



Code Instructions


1. Following the successful completion of your subscription, an activation code for DJI Terra will be issued to the email address you provided.

2. If the product activation code is not used within 7 calendar days of arrival, you may ask for a refund. For activated licences, there is no guarantee of a return or refund.

3. You are only permitted to make one unbinding request per calendar year for a licence that covers a single device. a licence that works with three gadgets: A calendar year is limited to two unbinding requests. All bound devices covered by the licence will become freed following the submission of an unbinding request.

4. It is impossible to modify a user account that is linked to a licence.


DJI Terra Benefits


Model reconstruction: Import pictures to produce a precise 3D model and a high-resolution 2D orthophoto map.


Real-time reconstruction: To output findings as you fly, create a 2D orthophoto map and a 3D model in real-time throughout the flight.


Processing of lidar data: Using DJI L1, DJI Terra can provide very accurate true-color cloud points with just a single click.


Detailed Inspection: To automate inspection procedures, routes can be generated automatically based on target points specified in a 3D model or point cloud.


Easy measurement: of targets' coordinates, distances, areas, volumes, and other crucial data with the option to rename or export the data outcomes.




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