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DJI Avata

Discover a Freedom

“Wow, the brand new DJI Avata is DJI’s solution to FPV, with a more immersive experience, we are excited to get our hands on it and try it for ourselves.”


Immersive Flight Experience:

Because the DJI Avata works with the DJI Goggles V2 and Goggles 2 (the most recent version), flying with the drone while viewing what the drone sees through an FPV headset delivers an immersive experience.

Intuitive Motion Controller:

Your hands and wrists can be used to control the drone! This is a fantastic and enjoyable method to learn FPV for beginners.

New & Improved Camera:

DJI Avata supports 4K ultra-wide-angle recording with an f/2.8 aperture, giving you a great chance to create amazing productions with the best quality! Its 4k stabilised camera is really giving DJI FPV the greatness it deserves.

Palm-Sized and Agile:

When flying FPV, you may be interested in flying through small areas and obviously it needs to be small, worry no further as this DJI Avata drone is palm sized, agile and you can fly in confidence due to its built-in propeller guards - giving you that extra boost to have fun with it!

Less likely to crash than earlier DJI FPV models:

This drone is fantastic because it has built-in propeller protectors and is an excellent method to start using DJI FPV because it's simple to operate and instills confidence unlike anything else.

DJI Avata - “Where Toughness Meets Agility”

The DJI Avata is nimble in tight spaces and is compact and lightweight. Every aspect of its design was made for you to be assertive. Avata can bounce back, stay in the air, and continue flying even if it collides with an object thanks to the included propeller protection.

DJI Goggles 2 - “Get in the Pilot's Seat”

With DJI Goggles 2, experience next-level comfort and convenience. Now smaller, lighter, and outfitted with Micro-OLED panels, you fly through the sky with exceptional clarity. DJI FPV Goggles V2 are also supported by DJI Avata.

DJI Motion Controller - “Obtain a sense of flight”

The DJI Motion Controller makes flying simple. Pull the trigger, move quickly, or rotate your wrist to perform a turn. You can fly in a completely different way thanks to the intuitive controls.