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  • Drone Only
  • Intuitive Motion Controller
  • New & Improved Camera
  • 4K Stabilised Video
  • Palm-Sized and Agile
  • Harder to crash than previous DJI FPV

I received my dji mini 3 pro the next day by 08.50am which was very good. the box was in good condition and the contents was not damaged. So I am happy with the service f...


Ordered and received the next day, pleased with how quickly my order arrived and happy with purchases. Thanks for the sweets and the flying glider!

frenchy fhotography
frenchy fhotography

Well done! Great selection of products in stock, fast delivery! Freebies! Well done you!


Wow, I ordered the M3E with RTK module and few bats from DroneSafe 2 days ago and today it arrived. And I do love the sweets and flying gliders that they include in the p...

Spingar Taus
Spingar Taus

First time purchased from this store. All arrived well packaged and quickly. Very happy and will recommend.

Greg Zelent
Greg Zelent

What a very pleasant experience. I bought a mini 3 pro. Fantastic communications and super quick delivery. Thanks to Mark. Cheers Martin

Martin Burnham
Martin Burnham

Very helpful when I called to place an order. Arrived the next day as promised 👍 thank you also for the treats 😀

James Poole
James Poole

Fantastic service from Mark, Tom and the team. I can't recommend the service highly enough. They went out of their way to help me with buying what I needed and received n...

James Long
James Long
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DJI Avata - Drone Safe Store

Discover a Freedom

“Wow, the brand new DJI Avata is DJI’’s solution to FPV, with a more immersive experience, we are excited to get our hands on it and try for ourselves.”


Immersive Flight Experience
Intuitive Motion Controller
New & Improved Camera
4K Stabiized Video
Palm-Sized and Agile
Harder to crash than previous DJI FPV

What's in the box?

1 x DJI Avata
1 x DJI Avata Intelligent Flight Battery
3 x DJI Avata Propellers (Pair)
1 x DJI Avata Power Adapter
1 x DJI Avata Gimbal Protector
1 x Type-C to Type-C PD Cable
1 x Screwdriver
4 x Screws (M2×7)

Flight is made possible for everyone by using Avata in conjunction with goggles and a motion controller. Take advantage of unparalleled safety and control while enjoying the rush of total immersion. Accept your spontaneity and take pictures of your surroundings. Some of us have wings from birth.

DJI Avata - “Where Agility Meets Toughness”

The DJI Avata is nimble in confined spaces and is lightweight and compact. Its design was intended for you to be assertive in every way. Avata can bounce back, stay in the air, and continue flying even if it collides with an object thanks to the included propeller protection.

DJI Goggles 2 - “Get in the Pilot's Seat”

With DJI Goggles 2, experience next-level comfort and convenience. Now smaller, lighter, and outfitted with Micro-OLED panels, you fly through the sky with exceptional clarity. DJI FPV Goggles V2 are also supported by DJI Avata.

DJI Motion Controller - “Obtain a sense of flight”

You can fly intuitively with the DJI Motion Controller. Pull the trigger, advance quickly, or swivel your wrist to make a turn. The controls are simple to use and provide you a completely original flying experience.

The Perfect Package

The DJI Goggles 2 are small and incredibly portable. They are convenient to stow, comfortable to wear, and ideal for prolonged use thanks to their foldable antenna and lightweight construction. You can always be prepared for an engaging flight thanks to the two-hour battery life and extremely quick charging times.

1080p Micro-OLED Screens

With the DJI Avata and Goggles 2, experience every flight. Two HD Micro-OLED panels with a refresh rate of up to 100 Hz and superb clarity are provided. The goggles create an immersive world with endless potential by displaying a fluid full-screen live feed right in front of your eyes.

Diopter Adjustment

Diopter adjustments for the DJI Goggles 2 are available from +2.0 D to -8.0 D for improved comfort and vision. When using or storing the diopter, lock the adjustment knob to secure it and prevent unintentional touches.

Epic Moves Deserve Epic Footage

A Breakthrough in FPV Visuals

The DJI Avata features a 1/1.7-inch CMOS sensor and an f/2.8 aperture, enabling 4K ultra-wide angle shooting. It provides amazing images that will keep your audience on the edge of their seats together with high-grade imaging performance.

Camera Features

1/1.7-inch Sensor
155° Super-Wide FOV
D-Cinelike Colour Mode
RockSteady 2.0

155° Super-Wide FOV

The average field of view (FOV) of camera drones is 84°. With its extraordinarily wide 155° FOV, the DJI Avata shifts things up a notch. This enlarged viewpoint produces powerful, intensely engaging graphics since it is more similar to what we perceive with our actual eyes.

Smooth Shooting

Utilizing HorizonSteady and RockSteady 2.0, keep your film steady while swooping and diving. By minimising camera wobble and delivering smooth ultra-HD video, these cutting-edge technologies unleash a world of cinematic possibilities.

RockSteady 2.0

Real-time camera shake is actively decreased by RockSteady.


HorizonSteady locks your footage to a level horizon for cinematic effects.

Agile in the Editing Room

Shooting in D-Cinelike mode will immerse you in a world of colour. Create a masterpiece by using sophisticated colour grading in post-editing to make your film stand out.

Your Rugged Companion

Portable and Ready for Adventure

Avata adopts a new innovative design that is made with convenience in mind. It is more lightweight, compact, and easy to carry.

Be Bold. Fly Far.

You may be brave since the DJI Avata was built to last. You'll feel more secure because of the sturdy frame's lower chance of damage. The amazing flying time of up to 18 minutes is made possible by the revolutionary ducted aerodynamic design, which maximises power effectiveness.

Soar and Explore

Rediscover your surroundings with complete freedom and find incredible ways to capture video. DJI Avata's flexibility in various scenarios opens up a world of creative possibilities.

Fly Where Others Can't

Capture truly unique footage as you weave between branches, under bridges, and through corridors, filming in places previously inaccessible.

Turtle Mode

Should Avata fall on its back, activate Turtle mode with a few simple taps and watch it spring back into action.

Confidence Born From Safety

Downward Obstacle Sensing System

Avata has downward binocular vision and ToF infrared detection in addition to the built-in propeller protection for even greater safety. These sensors enable Avata to fly indoors or at low altitudes while spotting impediments below.

Who Said Safety Isn't Fun?

Experience the trip with less flight phobia. You can stop suddenly by pressing the Emergency Brake button on the motion controller. Additionally, when the battery is low or the signal is lost, RTH assistance provides you with additional security.

Low-Altitude Flight

Experience low-altitude flight with Avata and glide safely dangerously close to the earth. This results in a unique perspective that is thrilling and exhilarating thanks to the extremely wide FOV.

Halt and Hover

If you come upon a circumstance that necessitates a sudden halt, press the Emergency Brake button. Avata will remain stationary when hovering, lowering the possibility of mishaps.

Transmission You Can Depend On

Avata has 2T2R omnidirectional antennae and DJI's top-of-the-line O3+ video transmission for unmatched flight stability and responsiveness. Even in areas with interference, your goggles will provide a clear and fluid real-time picture.

Max Video Transmission Quality

100 fps
Max Video Transmission Frame Rate

30 ms
Lowest Video Transmission Latency

10 km
Max Video Transmission Range

50 Mbps
Max Video Transmission Bitrate

Video Transmission Coding

Master Your Moves

The DJI Avata is compatible with a variety of remote controls, each of which opens up new possibilities. The flight simulator is ideal for honing your abilities or exploring the various control options, which will enhance the visual effects and present you with novel alternatives.

Ultimate Precision

To accomplish complex flight motions, reliable aerial photographic effects, and a varied visual language for filming, use the DJI FPV Remote Controller 2 in Manual mode.

Practice Makes Perfect

Both desktops and smartphones may use the DJI Virtual Flight programme, which features a number of simulated settings. You can hone your flying abilities indoors or out, practise, and eventually become a master pilot.

As an official DJI retailer, we offer DJI’s 12 month warranty on all new DJI purchases. Simply contact us to return your defective device. (Delivery charges apply) To find out more about what is covered under DJI’s warranty, please CLICK HERE

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  • Andy Badcock February 06, 2023

    Great family run business, very helpful and would trust them100%. Will definitely be using them for future purchases. Thanks for your advice Tom.

  • Andy Badcock February 06, 2023

    Great family run business, very helpful and would trust them100%. Will definitely be using them for future purchases. Thanks for your advice Tom.