DJI RC Motion 2

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  • Immersive Motion Control
  • Intelligent and Versatile
  • Multidirectional Operation

DJI RC Motion 2


Even complete beginners can rapidly experience the excitement of motion-based flight control with the help of the robust and user-friendly DJI RC Motion 2.


Immersive Motion Control


With the use of motion detection technology, you can change the flying direction with just a small wrist rotation. You may simply move, explore, and traverse the skies using the joystick in a whole new way.

In conjunction with DJI Avata and DJI Goggles, the flying direction of the aircraft will adjust in response to your hand motions, providing an immersive flight experience similar to sitting in the pilot's seat.


DJI RC Motion 2

Intelligent and Versatile


DJI RC Motion 2 is cosy for prolonged use.

Several DJI RC Motion 2 features are designed to be used with one hand, including the accelerator, mode button, lock button, and many others. Simply aim and fly. A quick press of a button will enable unrestricted flight.


Multidirectional Operation

With the improved joystick on the DJI RC Motion 2, control of altitude and direction is even more fluid. Take-off and land precisely, move more dynamically, and even attempt more difficult flight manoeuvres like darting left and right.

A new reverse functionality on the accelerator lets you fly backwards in constrained spaces. Just reverse your direction of travel to avoid making a tight U-turn.

The FN dial makes it simple to change the ISO, shutter, and other camera settings. Without raising your hand to your goggles, quickly adjust them.



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