DJI Mavic 3 Care Refresh Code 2 Years

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SKU: 6941565921185

Material Code: 288627

Brand: DJI

  • Effective Warranty Plan
  • Fully Covered With User Error, Water Damage etc.
  • Covers Natural Wear & Other Accidental Damage
  • Easiest & Cheapest Cover
  • Must Be Purchased Within 48 Hours Of Activation

DJI Mavic 3 Care Refresh Code 2 Years

DJI Care Refresh (2-Year Plan) offers three replacement units within two years for a small additional fee, so you're covered when crashes, water damage, flyaways, natural wear, and other incidental damage occur. 


Additional premium services include a two-year warranty, factory maintenance, special repair savings, prizes for safe flights, and more.

The first replacement is for £139, the second replacement is £169 and the third replacement is £189. If you use the replacement available for Flyaway Coverage, the replacement fee will be £619.


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