DJI CrystalSky 5.5"

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Brand: DJI

  • Ultra-bright screen
  • Clearly visible in sunlight
  • Works with DJI GO 4 app
  • 4x brighter than mobile devices
  • Buy In Complete Confidence
  • Highest Rated U.K DJI Retailer


The CrystalSky monitor is more than four times as bright as normal mobile devices, with a maximum brightness of 2000 cd/m2. The clarity and vibrancy of the colours on the screen provide the quality required to fine-tune image composition. In order to make the image more comfortable to view in bright light, a new Sunlight Readability Enhancement mode has been created.

*5.5"/7.85" 1000cd/m2; 7.85" Ultra Bright 2000cd/m2

Resolution: 2048x1536 (7.85”) / 1920x1080 (5.5”)

The transmission of 1080p video is not supported by CrystalSky.



Real-time video decoding is done through efficient video decoding on the CrystalSky monitor. Video decoding on other smart devices isn't optimal due to restrictions on software access on smartphones and tablets. Video jitter, prolonged latency, and other issues can arise when utilised to view images or videos transmitted by the camera. Smooth, real-time video with little delay is provided by the CrystalSky monitor's specialised decoder.



A newly developed system that is immune to viruses and garbage software removes pointless Android apps and services. This guarantees that the CrystalSky monitor can always deliver top performance. Full access to all DJI GO/DJI GO 4 capabilities, such as aircraft parameter change, camera control, film management, and playback, is available through its incorporated DJI GO/DJI GO 4 app. Maps can be maintained accessible even while you are outside of Wi-Fi range by using offline maps.



The CrystalSky monitor has a longer operational period than comparable mobile devices thanks to a secondary external battery that is two cells and 4920 mAh in size. It supports rapid charging and maintains good control over its discharge rate even in cold weather. It can operate for a maximum of 4-5 hours and 5-6 hours when used with the 7.85" and 5.5" screens, respectively.



With its two Micro SD Card slots, the CrystalSky monitor's storage capacity can be increased, or film saved to a Micro SD Card can be viewed immediately on the panel. Additionally, it can be used to backup video. High-quality adjustments may be made quickly and immediately published to social media using editors included in DJI GO/DJI GO 4.

The H.264 and H.265 video decoding standards are supported by the CrystalSky monitor, enabling it to play back these files at 30 and 60 frames per second, respectively. Additionally, its HDMI connector can be used to export these videos.



The HDMI connector on the CrystalSky monitor enables the output of up to 4K footage to FPV goggles and other display devices. It has built-in dual-band Wi-Fi, which enables mobile devices to connect to Wi-Fi networks and Wi-Fi hotspots. Through its USB-A connector, it is also compatible with 4G dongles and USB storage.

The CrystalSky monitor has simple access to system updates, live streaming, photo or video sharing, data synchronisation, and more when it is linked to the internet. To reduce the amount of mobile data required, file sizes are minimised as much as feasible.

It is simple to connect the CrystalSky monitor with a remote control or other devices thanks to onboard Micro USB and USB-C connectors.


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