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Master Airscrew

The Next Generation STEALTH Upgrade Propellers, created specifically for the DJI MINI 3 Pro drone, are here to welcome you. For your already powerful Mini 3 Pro, this is an essential improvement that will increase handling, efficiency, and safety. Propellers that are attractive and forceful to stand out from the crowd!

Master Airscrew was founded in the U.S by Navy test pilot Frederick Templeton Jamieson (1928-2009). Windsor Propeller company. All company products are designed and manufactured under the registered brand name MASTER AIRSCREW in the U.S.A

Drone Safe Store is the only retailer of Master Airscrew in the U.K. 

Improved Efficiency

Longer flight time as a result of more effective propellers. To make the most of the possibilities of the Mini 3 Pro, increase the flight time per battery. Depending on the flight's circumstances, performance could differ.

Master Airscrew - Reborn

Beginning in 2015, we significantly increased our investment in brand-new, cutting-edge manufacturing equipment from the most renowned manufacturers in the world. This equipment includes fully computer-operated injection moulding machines, 5-axis milling centres, CNC-programmed lathes, and automated production monitoring and quality control peripherals. With the highest precision of fewer than ten thousandths of an inch, we have entirely overhauled our manufacturing methods and tools.

*Master Airscrew will void your DJI Warranty.