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Insta360 is a camera company based in Shenzhen, Guangdong with offices in Los Angeles, Tokyo & Berlin. They make action cameras, 360-degree cameras and editing software for mobile and desktop.

Why do we stock Insta360?

They take on the most daring and outlandish concepts and put them into action. "Let's do it," Insta360 says when others claim it's impossible. Insta360 cameras enable you to capture the magic in every moment, from cliff dives to movie production.

Insta360 was developed in 2015 by a group of people who desired a better method to share their experiences. They were looking for a 360 camera that would allow them to share amazing moments with people all around the world, not just snapshots or partial peeks, but full, immersive experiences. Insta360 opted to create their own gear because they couldn't locate the necessary equipment to realise their idea. They haven't stopped since then.

We stock multiple Insta360 products and we're excited to see happy customers use us to get themselves these great, reliable products!

Products we sell for Insta360 currently:

Insta360 ONE RS 1-inch 360 Edition
Insta360 ONE RS Twin
Insta360 ONE Rs 4K Edition
Insta360 ONE X2
Insta360 ONE RS Twin
Insta360 X3 Pocket Camera

Who is Drone Safe Store? And why purchase from us?

Drone Safe Store is primarily an official U.K DJI Retailer which is the fastest growing and highest rated in the U.K. We have started selling other Electronics to cater for the ever growing cinematic industry. We are based in Chichester, West Sussex however we offer DPD next day shipping to the U.K! We are online from 9am-9pm on LiveChat offering specialist knowledge which other retailers may not be able to offer.