HPRC2600 Hardcase For DJI Mavic 3 'Crew Edition'

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SKU: P-HPRC-1086

Material Code: P-HPRC-1086

Brand: HPRC

  • Perfect For Dual Mavic 3 Setups
  • Crew Edition - Fit 2 x Mavic 3's & 2 Remotes
  • Fits 2 x RC-N1/RC/RC Pro
  • Fits Mavic 3/Classic/Pro/Thermal/Enterprise
  • Custom Drone Safe Store Design

HPRC2600 Hardcase For DJI Mavic 3 'Crew Edition'

This custom hard case is perfect for dual DJI Mavic 3 setups. 

First off, HPRC is an Italian business that creates cutting-edge protective Hardcases.


HPRC and Drone Safe Store have collaberted to produce the 'Crew Edition' DJI Mavic 3 Hardcase.


For the new DJI Mavic 3, HPRC enclosures are available for purchase on the website called Drone Safe Store. Everything is available for shipping the following business day and in stock!



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