Freewell DJI Mini 4 Pro Bright Day 6Pack

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Material Code: FW-MN4-BRG

Brand: Freewell

  • Compatible With DJI Mini 4 Pro
  • Neutral Colour Optics
  • Freewell Bright Day Kit
  • Polarisation Position
  • Perfect For Use Over Water
  • Avoid Glare

Freewell DJI Mini 4 Pro Bright Day 6 Pack

Desire to operate your drone in bright light but wish to stay out of the glare and overexposure? Take balanced exposure photos of scenic vistas with the FREEWELL Bright Day filter set. Two effects combined: polarising and neutral density. When shooting in bright daylight, it reduces undesired glare from reflecting objects and enhances colour saturation and clarity.

Colour Boost & Light Reduction: Six ND/PL filters may boost colour by four, five, six, seven, eight, and ten stops, respectively, in light reduction. Thus, you can obtain smooth motion blurs under various settings without going overexposure. Not only can they reduce glare and maximise colour saturation on nonmetallic surfaces like glass, water, and plants, but they can also perform the CPL (circular polarising) filter function.

- GimbalSafe Technology: Every filter frame is put through a rigorous lightweight testing process by Freewell, which guarantees that the gimbal of your drone won't be harmed.

- Coating Excellence: The filters provide the highest image quality when shooting outside thanks to their dustproof, scratch-resistant, oilproof, and colour-neutral coating.

The Freewell Bright Day 6-Pack comprises several filters, such as ND16/PL, ND32/PL, ND64/PL, ND128/PL, ND256/PL, and ND1000/PL, to accommodate a range of lighting conditions, from overcast to consistently sunny days. To keep your filters in optimal condition, the Kit also includes a Cleaning Cloth and a Protective Case.


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