Freewell DJI Air 3 Bright Day 4 Pack

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  • Freewell Bright Day Kit
  • GimbalSafe Technology
  • Polarisation and ND
  • Cuts Reflections
  • Ideal For Use Over Water

Freewell DJI Air 3 Bright Day 4 Pack

Use the Freewell Bright Day 4-Pack Filter Kit, made specifically for Air 3 drones, to take the best possible pictures and video. This all-inclusive kit's inclusion of ND/PL filters increases your photography options in a wide range of lighting settings.



Freewell's GimbalSafe Technology puts each filter frame through extensive lightweight testing to make sure it won't damage your drone's gimbal.


Coating Excellence

The filters are coated to be dustproof, scratchproof, oilproof, and colour neutral, allowing for optimal results when shooting in challenging environmental conditions.


ND/PL Hybrid Filters

You can forget about the trouble, the additional weight, and the vignettes that were generated by stacking filters on your drone. The ND/Polarizer Hybrid Filter combines the two functions, providing outstanding film that has vibrant colour, rich contrast, and decreased glare without putting the photos at risk of being ruined.


Daytime Essential Package

This filter pack has been painstakingly crafted to fulfil all of your demands on bright, sunny days as well as throughout various light circumstances, such as gloomy skies to clear, sunny times. The bundle contains ND8/PL, ND16/PL, ND32/PL, and ND64/PL filters. Using these filters, you will be able to record breathtaking footage that has ideal colour, contrast, and decreased glare no matter where your aerial adventures take you.


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