DJI Transmission (Standard Combo)

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  • For use with production monitors
  • Includes Video Transmitter and DJI Video Receiver
  • Delivers Extended-Range
  • Low Latency Transmission
  • End-to-End Ultra-Low Latency
  • Seamless Auto Frequency
  • Long-Distance HD Live Feed

DJI Transmission (Standard Combo)

A video receiver, display, controller, and recorder are all included in the complete solution provided by DJI Transmission, which is an evolution of the company's well-established aerial video transmission technology. It is built to seamlessly integrate with DJI Master Wheels and Ronin-series products, revolutionising the experience and enabling vision without limits.


Now Available In Two Combos

The DJI Transmission (Standard Combo) is now available. Now offering both a High-Bright Monitor Combo and a Standard Combo, the DJI Transmission series can accommodate a variety of shooting scenarios.

Long-Distance HD Live Feed

O3 Pro video transmission technology, used by DJI Transmission, provides an amazing on-ground transmission distance of 6 km (20,000 ft). It also enables live audio monitoring at 16-bit 48 kHz and transmission at 1080p/60fps with a maximum bitrate of 50Mbps, giving crews on big sets a great remote visual and audio monitoring experience.


DJI Transmission (Standard Combo)
DJI Transmission (Standard Combo)

One Transmitter Connected to Several Receivers

Both the High-Bright Remote Monitor and the Video Receiver support two modes of transmission, either of which can be used with one transmitter and up to multiple receivers to receive video and audio feeds. On sets with big crews, the default Broadcast mode enables an unlimited number of receivers, which is convenient for real-time monitoring by many teams such as the lighting department, the art department, and the cosmetics department. Additionally, the bitrate of a live feed and the video codecs of an input stream can be displayed in real-time. If you want to switch the camera index for monitoring, all you have to do is select the relevant index. This allows you to do so without having to check the transmission channel, which significantly improves the effectiveness of the shooting.

Ultra-low latency from beginning to end

Every link has been specifically optimised to deliver end-to-end ultra-low transmission latency when paired with cinema cameras like the ALEXA Mini LF. The video transmitter and receiver employ the same chip technology as the Ronin 4D.

Automatic and Effortless Frequency Hopping

O3 Pro incorporates DFS bands in addition to the conventional 2.4 GHz and 5.8 GHz frequency bands. This results in the provision of up to 23 channel alternatives to professional crews, all of which are compliant with industry standards and free from interference. In addition, DJI Transmission is equipped with support for triple-band automatic frequency hopping, a technology that automatically examines the electromagnetic environment in search of the most effective wireless channel.

DJI Transmission (Standard Combo)

Transmission of Metadata

The DJI Video Receiver allows for the delivery of metadata from cameras using the SDI protocol. It is possible for it to transmit the file name, timecode, recording trigger, camera settings (aperture, focal length, etc.), and lens information (aperture, focal length) from the receiver to monitors and QTAKE when it is used with ARRI, RED, and other mainstream cinema cameras. This gives directors, cinematographers, and DIT teams the ability to receive detailed shooting information while they are on set.


Encrypted Data Transmission

Secure pairing and AES 256-bit encryption are both features that are supported by DJI Transmission, which helps prevent unauthorised access to your information. DJI Transmission is able to provide you with the utmost peace of mind regarding the safety of your video because to DJI's in-house research and development of both a chip and a transmission protocol.



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