DJI Mini 4 Pro ND Filters Set (ND16/64/256)

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SKU: CP.MA.00000729.02

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Brand: DJI

  • ND 16/64/256
  • For DJI Mini 4 Pro
  • Take Control Of Your Shots
  • Ideal For Sunny Days

DJI Mini 4 Pro ND Filters Set (ND16/64/256)

ND16, ND64, and ND256 filters help to get your camera ready for the ideal shot by allowing it to adapt to different lighting. Shoot with more creative freedom when you use the DJI Mini 4 Pro ND Filters Set. ND filters help to lower the light levels that reach the camera's sensor, making them the ideal accessory for a sunny day!


There are three filter sets included: ND16, ND64, and ND256. In terms of filmmaking, these are typically the most significant ND Filters to select. In the UK, ND16 is primarily used because of the lack of sunlight. ND256 is ideal for photographs in bright sunlight, while ND64 works wonders with highly reflective settings. 

These are premium light-stopping filters that provide the drone operator complete control over the shutter speed. Confidently capture photos with vibrant colours, striking highlights, and subtle low-light details.


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