DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo (RC 2)

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  • 4K/60fps HDR Video
  • 34 Minute Flight Time
  • 20KM Video Transmission
  • 360° ActiveTrack
  • Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing

DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo (RC 2)

The DJI Mini 4 Pro is the latest and greatest ‘mini’ drone to date. Incorporating strong image capabilities, omnidirectional obstacle detecting, ActiveTrack 360° with the new Trace Mode, and 20km FHD video transmission, it adds more to love for beginners and professionals

Mini 3/Pro Battery = Works but reduced propulsion and performance and goes over 249g
Mini 3/Pro Battery PLUS = Works but goes over 249g
Mini 4 Pro Battery = Only for Mini 4 Pro

1 x DJI Mini 4 Pro 
1 x DJI RC 2
3 x DJI Mini 4 Pro Intelligent Flight Battery
3 x DJI Mini 4 Pro Propellers (Pair)
1 x Screwdriver
1 x DJI Mini 4 Pro Two-Way Battery Charging Hub
1 x DJI Mini 4 Pro Gimbal Protector 
1 x DJI Mini 4 Pro Propeller Holder
1 x Quick Start Guide + Safety Guidelines
1 x Type-C to Type-C PD Cable
1 x USB-C Cable
1 x DJI Mini 4 Pro Shoulder Bag


Sub 249g 

The DJI Mini 4 Pro weighs just under 249g grammes enabling you to fly with fewer restrictions in most countries. In the UK the sub 249g weight of the DJI Mini 4 Pro allows us to fly it without minimum distances to buildings and people. (Please see Drone Code)

DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo (RC 2)
DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo (RC 2)

Outstanding Imaging Performance

The camera on the Mini 4 Pro is powered by a 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor with Dual Native ISO Fusion, f/1.7 aperture, and 2.4 m 4-in-1 pixels, making it simple to capture more intricate details. High dynamic range and more highlight and shadow details guarantee flawless results in each frame. 

D-Log M and HLG Colour

You can give colourful scenes the attention to detail they deserve with 4K/60fps HDR and 4K/100fps footage. Meanwhile, 10-bit D-Log M and HLG help record a breathtaking variety of colours and allow additional versatility when editing and sharing content.

4K HDR Footage At 60fps

Protect the beauty that exists at any given time. Sharing the subtleties of a sunrise or sunset in a quality that is as close to real life as possible is possible with 4K/60p HDR.

Slo-Mo 4K/100fps

Immerse the audience in every frame. With slow motion in 4K clarity, capture the action on the trails, at the beach, or in your backyard at 100fps. 

DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo (RC 2)
DJI Mini 4 Pro Fly More Combo (RC 2)

Night Shots

The enhanced algorithm for noise reduction in the Night Shots video mode of the Mini 4 Pro effectively reduces noise and enables crisper, cleaner footage to be captured straight from the camera.

1.07 Billion Colors 

Record in 10-bit D-Log M and record more than a billion different colours with this setting. Because of the realistic colour gradations and sensitive details over the full spectrum, Mini 4 Pro enables professional-level post-production control as well as expert-level freedom in creative editing.

Dynamic Across All Platforms

Because of its large dynamic range, HLG ensures that the natural colours and brightness of the material remain true to life without requiring any adjustments or format conversions, regardless of where the content is published.


Photos Saved in RAW Format

Sometimes the most important things are the smallest ones. Save even the most minute of details with a resolution of 48 megapixels RAW and the next generation of SmartPhoto, which combines HDR imaging, scene recognition, and other features to create photographs that stand out.

Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing

The Mini 4 Pro's all-around obstacle detection makes it an exceptionally safe vehicle. It is able to identify impediments from all directions thanks to its two pairs of downward vision sensors and its four wide-angle vision sensors. The Advanced Pilot Assistance Systems (APAS) enable autonomous braking and bypassing while the aircraft is in flight, which provides an additional layer of safety.

34 Minute Flight Time

The Mini 4 Pro has been awarded the C0 certification in Europe. You receive up to 34 minutes of flying time with the basic Intelligent flying Battery, which ensures uninterrupted creation without the need to worry about running out of battery.

20KM Range

Mini 4 Pro features DJI's O4 video transmission. Enjoy ultra-responsive control and smooth 1080p/60fps FHD live feeds from distances of up to 20 km. 

A Dash of Cinematic Influence 

Spotlight, Point of Interest, and the groundbreaking new ActiveTrack 360° with enhanced subject tracking capabilities are the three simple ways that the Mini 4 Pro provides you with the ability to get the photos that you desire with ease. To record photos that flow into one another seamlessly, use the tracing wheel interface to drag and drop a route. Bypassing barriers and obtaining smoother, more steady tracking for professional-level outcomes is astonishingly simple when using omnidirectional obstacle detection since it detects impediments from all directions.


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