DJI Mini 3 Pro STEALTH Upgrade Propellers - x4 Blue

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SKU: MA.MI36030FL4

Material Code: MA.MI36030FL4

Brand: Master Airscrew

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Improved Sound Pitch
  • Cooler Look
  • Improved Safety
  • 100% Compatible

DJI Mini 3 Pro STEALTH Upgrade Propellers - x4 Blue


The Next Generation STEALTH Upgrade Propellers, created specifically for the DJI MINI 3 Pro drone, are here to welcome you. For your already powerful Mini 3 Pro, this is an essential improvement that will increase handling, efficiency, and safety. Propellers that are attractive and forceful to stand out from the crowd!



Increased flight time because of more efficient propellers. Get more flight time per battery to fully utilise the Mini 3 Pro's capabilities.Performance may change based on the circumstances of the flight.

The Mini 3 Pro does a fantastic job of reducing any disruptive noise during flying. You receive even better noise reduction and more pleasant to the ear pitch sound with the Stealth Upgrade propellers. *Nominal values in comparison to OEM propellers for DJI. 


In the crowd, stand out. Add attractive coloured propellers to your drone for a contemporary, distinctive look.


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