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  • Up to 250m Wireless Audio Range
  • Built-in 8GB Storage
  • Amazing Battery Life (Up to 5 hours!)

DJI Mic - Drone Safe Store

Seriously upgrade your audio recording game with DJI's brand new solution to wireless microphone recording! With the brand new DJI Mic, you can effortlessly record your audio that can match the high quality of your videos. The DJI Mic is perfect for filmmakers who want to upgrade their microphone game!

The DJI Mic has crystal clear recording quality and the audio comes out extremely crisp every time. It can deliver stunning sound quality all the way up to 250 meters. Get crystal-clear audio on the go with the brand-new DJI Mic.

What's in the box?

DJI Mic Receiver x 1
DJI Mic Transmitter x 1
DJI Mic Camera Audio Cable (3.5mm TRS) x 1
DJI Mic Mobile Phone Adapter (Type-C) x 1
DJI Mic Mobile Phone Adapter (Lightning) x 1
DJI Mic Windscreen x 1
DJI Mic Clip Magnet x 1
DJI Mic Hot Shoe Adapter x 1
DJI Mic Splitter Charging Cable x 1
DJI Mic Storage Bag x 1

Brand-new DJI Mic Features Dual-Channel Recording

DJI has developed its new audio solution with making filmmakers' lives easier in mind. The DJI Mic comes equipped with two audio transmitters which both have microphones built into them. The transmitters support omnidirectional audio. Omnidirectional audio makes the DJI Mic perfect for more than one person in an interview and small to medium studio recordings.

Crystal Clear Audio

The all-new DJI Mic features a wider frequency range. The DJI Mic allows filmmakers to utilize the wide frequency range. Audio recordings can be recorded on separate channels through each channel or both channels can be combined all making it easier for post-production editing.

Integrated Touchscreen & Memory

The DJI Mic receivers have built-in touchscreens which have a display that gives you easy access to select the different channels. There are other essential operations also. Both of the DJI Mic transmitters come with 14 hours of built-in storage. This helps to prevent any interferences that could corrupt or make the quality worse of the audio, therefore making the audio much clearer.

DJI Mic's Wireless Transmission

The DJI Mic allows for clear and reliable audio, even in situations where audio could be worsened. The DJI Mic audio transmitters and receiver communicate with DJI's new powerful wireless connection which keeps the audio stable whilst also reducing delay in sound. In long distances, the DJI Mic is almost faultless with how instant the audio relay is and how good the quality is.

250 Meters Range

DJI Mic uses DJI's latest wireless strength technology which is capable of recording up to 250 meters effortlessly!

Wireless Convenience

DJI Mic system is connected wirelessly through DJI's 2.44GHz frequency channel which allows you to move freely as you record your audio adventure.

Powerful Anti-Interference

Featuring a utilized wireless transmission system that enables a safe and stable stream of audio, even in areas where traditionally there would be a lot of interference.

The DJI Mic is Wearable & Portable

You can attach a DJI Mic transmitter to whatever you are wearing with the integrated back clip or by using the clip magnets. They weigh an incredibly light 30 grams which makes wearing the transmitter effortless.

DJI Mic is Compatible

DJI Mic covers all sorts of different input adapters. The receivers have USB-C, Lightning & 3.5mm TRS ports this makes it compatible with mainstream smartphones, cameras, and laptops.

DJI Mic Charging Case

The DJI Mic has a charging case that fits perfectly around it. You can charge the transmitters and receiver nicely and can easily store components. It is an all-rounder.

If you want ease of use whilst also leveling up your wireless mic recording experience the DJI Mic is the wireless microphone for you.


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