DJI Mavic 3 STEALTH Upgrade Propellers - x4 Black

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Material Code: MA.M3S9453FB4

Brand: Master Airscrew

  • Improved Efficiency
  • Responsiveness & Agility
  • Low-Noise
  • Improved Safety
  • 100% Compatible

DJI Mavic 3 STEALTH Upgrade Propellers - x4 Black

For your DJI Mavic 3, Mavic 3 Cine, Mavic 3 Enterprise, and the new Mavic 3 Classic, NEXT GENERATION UPGRADE PROPELLERS are available.exceptional quality, little noise, and extended flight time. high speed and improved handling. Your drone's upgrade process has never been simpler! You can easily switch out the propellers on your DJI MAVIC 3, MAVIC 3, MAVIC 3, MAVIC 3, or MAVIC 3 Classic.

DJI Mavic 3 STEALTH Upgrade Propellers - x4 Black

Flights that are less upsetting with aeroplane noise reduction of up to 2.0 dB and a discernible drop in sound pitch. (Sound power reduction of up to 37%) *Nominal values compared to OEM propellers for the DJI Mavic 3. 

Better responsiveness and agility aid in navigating challenging situations.

Full mobility and compatibility with the DJI MAVIC 3, MAVIC 3 Cine, MAVIC 3 Enterprise, and MAVIC 3 Classic Accessories have been carefully ensured.


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